Smart Download Feature of Netflix for iPad, iPhone Apps

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With the smart download of Netflix, iPad apps and streaming services of the iPhone can automatically download the new episode of your favorite show. The spokesperson of Netflix claims that they want to make things quick for their members. Now they can get their favorite stories quickly. The Netflix members with the iOS app will soon become a fan of smart downloads. Now they will spend less time managing downloads and more time watching their favorite shows.

Netflix announced this feature in July 2018. The function can automatically delete a downloaded episode after you watched it to alleviate the storage problem on smart devices. The streaming service allowed its users to download TV shows and movies for offline viewing in 2016. Downloading was limited initially to a subsection of Netflix. Disney was not available to download at this time.

With the consistent efforts and growth of Netflix, you can download your favorite content quickly. Netflix shares original content to avoid copyright issues. Moreover, Netflix has invested in the video quality to save bandwidth. For this reason, Netflix evaluates each scene of a video to tweak its encoding accordingly.

Netflix prefers higher bit rates to encode action scenes than slow segments without drastic changes in visuals. All these efforts allow the company to deliver high-quality videos for downloads without consuming your maximum bandwidth. You can activate or deactivate the “Smart Downloads” feature in two ways.


App Settings

Smart Download Feature of Netflix for iPad, iPhone Apps


  • Tap on Netflix app to open and hit on “More” button at the base of the screen.
  • Now tap “App Settings.”
  • Under the header of “Downloads,” change the toggle to disable/enable “Smart Downloads” feature.

Download Section

  • Tap on Netflix app to open and hit on “Downloads” button.
  • Tap “Smart Downloads” at the upper-left corner of the screen.
  • Change the toggle to disable/enable this feature.

Netflix claims that now users can watch more content than downloading and managing it.


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