New Background Blur Feature: Enjoy Skype Video Calls Now

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New Skype Background Blur Feature


There is no need to take the stress of your messy room before making a skype call. You can talk to your bosses with video conferencing services. The blurred background feature means everything behind you get blurred while making a video call. You will be the primary focus of this call.

Microsoft is ready to add this feature to Skype. It introduces this feature in a service known as Microsoft Teams. Skype allows you to choose the “Blur my background” option to activate it during a live call. For this feature, Skype is relying on AI (Artificial Intelligence). AI is trained to detect things just like humans. It is necessary to keep a person in focus during a call. The AI can recognize human hair, skin, limbs, hands and facial contours. The new feature consistently analyzes surroundings based on the movement of a person on a call screen and keep the remaining things blurred.

The feature is optional, so you can avoid this feature if you don’t have a problem with your background. With this feature, you can cut a significant amount of clutter. It is available for Windows and Mac only, so you can’t use it now for your phone.

With this feature, you can avoid blushing moments, just like poor fella who gained worldwide attention after his young children strolled in his home office. The company claims that there are lots of things in the way to improve your experience of each video call. Background blur feature can blur things like a wall poster, underwear, junk, etc.

Make sure to activate this feature before making important business calls. To enable it, hover the pointer over camera icon at the base of the screen to bring up button of “blur my background.” Just hit it, and everything is set for your official calls.


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