Famous iPhone Apps Record Your Screen Secretly without Permission

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Companies like Expedia, Hollister and Air Canada are recording your every swipe and tap on the iPhone app. In several cases, you may not realize it because they don’t take permission. In this situation, it is easy to assume that numerous apps are collecting your data. Some applications are monetizing your data without informing you.

Several famous iPhone apps from cell phone carriers airlines, travel sites, hoteliers, financiers, and banks are involved in this activity. They exactly know your habits to use apps. These apps can mask particular fields, and some unintentionally expose your sensitive data.


Famous iPhone Apps Record Your Screen Secretly without Permission


Singapore Airlines, Hotels.com, Abercrombie & Fitch are famous apps for recording your data. The apps use Glassbox, an analytics firm for customer experience that enables companies to embed a technology of session replay in their apps.

With session replays, the app developers can record screen and play your activities again. They are doing this to find out how users are interacting with apps. It proves helpful for them to remove an error. They record every entry, such as keyboard entry, tap, and push button. Each recording is sent back to app developers.

In the latest tweet, Glassbox said, “Imagine if your website or mobile app could see exactly what your customers do in real time, and why they did it?”

An app analyst reveals that the iPhone app of Air Canada was not appropriately masking the replay session. These sessions can expose passport numbers and data of credit cards. A few weeks ago, Air Canada told that app experienced a data breach after exposing over 20,000 profiles.

In this situation, the employees and other people of Air Canada can access the database of the screenshot. They can get access to unencrypted password and credit card information. As per app analyst, the Abercrombie & Fitch and Hollister sent all session replays to Glassbox. Hotels.com and Expedia send this data back to their server on their domain.

Without evaluating the data of every app, it is impossible to find out if an app records the screens of users. They don’t mention it even in the fine print of their policy. Apps in the App store of Apple need a privacy policy. Unfortunately, their privacy policy is silent about their actions.


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