Samsung To Launch The First Foldable Phone, Galaxy Flex

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In the Samsung developer conference held in California, the phone Galaxy F or call it Galaxy flex was discussed in detail but what we didnt know about was a few features that it would be introducing. Some even call it Galaxy X and it will be a big deal when it steps into the market because according to the rumors the price will be quite high.

It is getting a lot of attention as it is going to be the best thing introduced yet in the market. It will be giving you three back cameras and is similar to upcoming Samsung galaxy 10+. The phone might have 7.3 inches of flexible organic LED that is folded and can be unfolded to form a medium-sized tablet. The folded design has a display screen of 4.6 inches which is on the outside of the cell phone.


samsung fold able phone

Also, according to the reports, it's being said that the phone can run up to three apps at the same time with the help of Samsung multi active window. We all have heard about the folding smartphone leaks, but no one genuinely believed it, now as it is in the manufacturing state, we all are waiting to see when it is coming into the market.

According to the company, the Samsung Galaxy X will launch somewhere in mid of 2019 in a selected market and almost a million units will be manufactured. There is another rumor of this

device being released in the Mobile World Congress 2019 in February before the end of the month.

This laptop-like design cellphone will have Exynos 9820 in the Korean design and Snapdragon 8150 processor in the US model with 6000mah battery. The price of this phone is estimated to be $1,800 or maybe more according to the rumors and is really expensive. It also has a significant difference when compared to lower estimated prices of previous Samsung Galaxy models.


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