Google scheduled to shutting down its “Small Business Community

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Google+ is perhaps the most prominent failure by Google, but certainly not the only one. Google is officially set to shut down its Small Business Community on January 16th.

According to the latest announcement by Google, it is shutting down its “Small Business Community” message board. The Small Business Community was an effort made by Google to provide an exclusive space where business owners could interact with each by sharing information, accessing resources, organizing meetups. Its availability to only small business owners in a very few pilot cities of the U.S might be the reason you haven’t heard of it before. 


google small business community shut down


The official announcement by Google states:

“Thank you for being a member of the Small Business Community from Google. We’ve enjoyed being on this journey with you and appreciate all the tips, insights and enthusiasm shared along the way.

The Community will be closing in a few weeks; your last chance to access it will be January 16th. We will keep you posted on any future Community efforts. We hope you’ve made many connections as a member, and will continue to benefit from those relationships in the future.”

Google might have made the community available to users of more cities, but sadly, the project couldn’t make it out of beta. The most recent post in the community is from about three weeks ago. That makes it evident that the community wasn’t very active, giving an apparent reason for its shut down. 

Google’s most noted failure Google Plus is also scheduled to shut down in the coming months. With that, this only makes it yet another failed attempt by Google on establishing some sort of a social network. 

The idea was good, and the intentions were right, but we guess there wasn’t much of a need for (another) Small Business Community, as business people are already able to connect on more established and popular social networking platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn.


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