D-Link Launching Water Sensors With Google Assistance

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In the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2019 we will see more than that meets our expectations. Every year hundreds of tech devices are introduced into the market, this year D-link is launching a water sensor powered with AA batteries and will stay charged for 1.5 years. It can be installed anywhere in the house where you expect a water leakage without worrying about the batteries, which can be charged or replaced after a while.


D Link launches water sensors with google assistance


The interesting thing to know is it is stacked with Google Voice assistant which means you can ask Google by saying Hey Google, is there a leakage detected at (device name)? Your question will be answered in a fraction of second. It also has a built-in siren which can alarm you when you connect this device to its application available on the smartphone known as mydlink app, and the cost will be around $50.

The next big thing, of course, is the 5G router for home and is the first 5g router for the house. It will use a 5G Sim card allowing you to use the internet at high speed. You can multiply the speed of today by almost 40 times making it cross hundreds of Mbps broadband speed. More than customers it is wanted by the service providers so that they can reconfigure it. They will be able to not only customize and provide it to the people but will be able to manage it remotely as well. 

The time has come where almost everyone is going to use 5G instead of broadband in their home and D-Link’s router is what everyone is looking forward to.

Last but not the least, D-Links Wi-Fi smart plugs which are planned to launch in Q2 2019. They are compatible with the mydlink app and Google Voice Assistant, and their prices are still unknown.


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