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It’s 2014 and there’s a new guideline for publishing quality content. (It’s not new, really.) Tapping into the frequent (over)use of social media, the benefits of publishing share-able content are too great to ignore.

Here’s what triggers the most shares on social media:


Positive news is more likely to go viral, so feel-good posts are always a plus.


Before sharing an article, users are going to assess that article to make sure it is actually useful. You can’t fake value.

Strong Beliefs or Opinions

When you, as a brand, make a stand for any cause… this becomes a part of your brands’ personality. Know that you will lost some of your audience, but you will gain more than enough loyal, like minded, customers to make up for it.

Visual Posts

Images and videos take less effort to enjoy and share, where as a full length article might offer more value but reach a smaller audience.

Sparks Conversation

The same strategies used to ignite conversation in the comments section of a blog article can also be carried over to Facebook, where readers may comment and tag friends to join in the conversation.

“This Fits Me”

Whether it is a quote, a meme, or a graphic… audience members are quick to share—with great pride—the posts that define their personality.

Pay Attention

This might seem like a no-brainer, but if you want to publish posts that get more shares… simply pay attention to the types of content that your core audience shares the most.


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