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Content Marketing If You Hate Writing

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Written content may always be the best and most effective form of content, but if you hate writing then there are many alternative solutions to running an effective content marketing campaign. Even if you are fine writing articles (or paying a quality content writer to manage your blog), it’s still a good idea to mix it up. Too much of anything can get old after a while, right?

Image Galleries

If you aren’t the best writer, try filling your blog posts with pictures instead. (Example- “Behind the Scenes at {Event}” or “21 Awesome Ways to Use {Product}”.

Collection of the Best _____

Focus on a mood or situation relevant to your core audience and post a collection of relevant songs, links, videos, or quotes. (Example- “10 Best Father/Daughter Dance Songs For Your 2014 Wedding.”)


Video Q&A, interviews, tutorials… the sky is the limit.


While infographics are undoubtedly the most effective and popular way to illustrate an extensive amount of information, you can also use comics to lure your best customers in with humor they can relate to.

Guest Post

The benefits of publishing a guest post is reciprocal. A relevant blogger will reach a targeted audience (yours), and you will also get the benefit of reaching their existing audience through cross promotion.


You can encourage readers to generate content by running a photo or article contest. User generated content is also the best way to learn how customers use your products.


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