Questions You Should Be Asking Your Clients

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One of the many differences between a freelance service provider and a professional specialist can be found in who asks all the questions. Sure, it’s standard for a prospective client to be asking questions because—if they are smart—they are comparing answers between multiple options.

However, there are some questions you should be asking too. Whether you are a content writer, an internet marketer, an SEO consultant or a website developer… gaining insight into the fine details of each prospective client is key for clear communication and efficiently providing the most effective results, focusing on their needs (rather than your services.)

That, and it proves you actually care about results.

What sets you apart from your top 3 competitors?

Most clients will already provide a basic SWOT analysis, if asked, that will outline their biggest strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. This set of information usually includes industry leaders and competitors.

The wrong thing to do is focus on how they can be more like a competitor. Instead, help your client determine how they will be different.

Who are your best customers?

Knowing your audience is basic stuff. Identifying the characteristics of your most loyal, top paying customers… that is the stuff that helps businesses grow.

Why do you ________?

In most cases, the biggest selling point of any brand is the passion and drive. Most business owners tend to have an amazing story that backs up their biggest selling point, but they neglect to use that story.

What do you hope to accomplish by hiring me?

This question is one of many ways to identify the client goals. It should be very important that you only accept projects which you are confidently qualified for, because providing results is how your business can grow.


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