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Too many ecommerce site owners neglect how important each individual product page is. In a real world store, more attention is given to the overall environment. There is more value in product display. Literally… the more individual a product is displayed, the bigger the price tag. I dare you to find an exception!

On your ecommerce site, product pages are typically created automatically and (aside from a few tweaks) not given a second thought. You might even put more effort into perfecting the home page under the assumption that this will be your landing page (AKA the page that most visitors first arrive on.)

But what if any of your individual product pages were the first thing that new traffic saw? More importantly, what if your audience were comparing your products to similar items on related websites? In the modern world, you are just an option and you have to earn that conversion.

Here are a few ways you can improve each product page to get more sales.

Design The Perfect Product Page… On Paper

With ecommerce web development, design tends to rely on drag-and-drop interfaces. The best way to design anything will always be to do it from scratch. Start with a blank page and draw what should go where, rather than limiting yourself to the capabilities of some generic template.

This will give you a product page designed to capture and keep interest. If you can’t organize your pages this way using an ecommerce theme, invest in a better designer. It’s worth it.

Product Images

Especially if you are taking and adding images of your own products, it is important to offer quality photos that show off the best elements of your product. It could be showing different sides of a shirt, on and off a mannequin or model… or it could be multiple unique uses for a product. People like to have a good sense of what something looks like before they will consider buying it.

Sell The Benefit, Not The Features

Product descriptions are sometimes more important than the products themselves. Effective descriptions might not even describe the product at all… but they do a hell of a job on convincing readers why they need the product.


This is tricky. If a product has no reviews, potential buyers won’t gain much confidence. If there are too many negative reviews—well, that’s a no brainer. And if you make the mistake of paying for fake product reviews then you risk the credibility of your entire brand. It’s never worth it… the average consumer can easily spot fake reviews.

Despite the challenge, product pages need a section where potential buyers can read through product reviews. This is a deciding factor for the modern customer and neglecting to offer this opportunity for happy customers to publish feedback will hurt more than it will help.


It should be easy-easy-easy for visitors to share a product on their social account of preference. Yes there are benefits for a visitor sharing a product on Facebook and tagging a friend who would love it (yes that happens!) but the real benefit for almost any ecommerce site is to make it easy to connect with Pinterest.

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