SEO 2.0- Earning Authority

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In concept, you follow the right formulas and strategies to achieve front page placement in search results. In reality, it’s not working. While it has always been a challenge to achieve—well, any goal really—there is a reason why the “SEO is dead” rumor continues to circulate. Frustration.

SEO 2.0 refers to any search engine optimization efforts post-apocalyptic algorithm updates released by Google that were designed specifically to change how websites earn that placement. This means the strategies you may have learned—if you’re not a newbie—are probably the exact opposite of what you should be doing.

Instead, you have to earn authority with people before you can earn it with search engines.

  • Earn authority as an industry leader by publishing content that is so original, useful, and awesomesauce that other blogs will link to your content as a resource.
  • Earn authority on social media by actually using it. Letting some automated marketing tool spam hundreds of fake fans/followers is a great example of counterproductive social marketing. Real fans are valuable assets that follow you for a reason… keep them interested!
  • Earn authority with a targeted audience by networking in the right places, reaching your best customers through niche publications.
  • Earn authority by publishing valuable content (note—this doesn’t always have to be a blog or article!). The most important keywords in SEO 2.0 are: Valuable. Useful. Informative. Helpful.
  • Earn authority as a credible business, period, by putting quality control above all else. A happy customer is your best source of free advertising… and it’s all about building lasting relationships anyways. Right?

Earning authority is not a simple task and more importantly… there are no shortcuts. There are no hacks or tricks… you have to earn authority.


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