How to Create Great Content Daily

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Whether you are a DIY business/website owner or a professional freelance writer, there’s this pesky little thing called writer’s block that will try and stop you from creating great content when you need to. In fact, it becomes more difficult to create anything when it is expected of you.

When encountering such a situation, the first step is not to take the pressure. Instead, focus on crafting content that meets user expectations, or consider using a plagiarism checker to navigate through this challenge effectively.

Unfortunately, there is no room for error when it comes to content creation. Since you can’t wait for “the mood to strike” or for a muse to take over and write the darn page for you… there are some things you can do to keep productivity up without sacrificing the quality of what you create.

  • You need a writing environment. It can be a quiet, private room with a locked door and the phone turned off. It can be an open desk overlooking the kid's playroom. It can be a favorite table in a local coffee shop with a special playlist on your headphones. Whatever environment helps you focus… you need to be there.
  • You need to schedule time for writing. If you are a professional writer, you’ve probably already figured out that a schedule is necessary. But not just a working schedule… you need a strict and consistent schedule dedicated specifically to writing. Say you write from 9AM-11AM, and then spend an hour checking emails and screwing around on Facebook. Work first, play later… and stick to a consistent schedule. You’ll get used to it.
  • You need a framework to use as a guideline. A well balanced blog may jump around between various topics. Try to focus Monday on subject A, Tuesdays on subject B, etc. and you’ll always have something to start with.
  • You need to prepare yourself by creating an outline of what you will write about. Nothing is worse than starting an article, getting halfway through, and losing interest or changing your mind. Outlines are great for ensuring your content has a beginning, middle, and end… before you begin.
  • You need to check your writing after the first 200 words. If you like where you are going, great! If not, start over in another direction.

Still feeling stuck?

Sometimes, it might help to break a rule and play first, work later. Whether it is reading an article, watching TV, or taking a walk… clearing your mind is usually what it takes to get those creative juices flowing again.

If you need to deliver work urgently and you aren’t able to write, then taking the assistance of a paraphraser can turn things in your favor. You can try out this utility to generate content with existing text. It won’t let you worry about quality or originality, as it delivers top-notch, unique content in no time.


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