How to Get your Current e-commerce Customers to purchase more

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It’s far more rewarding to convince your current customers that they should purchase from you again than it is to find new customers from scratch. Conversions, ad impressions, and clicks seem to constantly be increasing in cost, making new traffic all the more expensive to acquire.

The more a certain customer chooses to purchase from you, the stronger your relationship with that customer becomes. These strong relationships prompt your customers to comment and champion your services and products, creating powerful referrals and marketing efforts that will drive new customers your way. So how exactly do you increase conversions among your current customers?

Make the Most of Customer Accounts

Creating customer accounts that benefit your business can be something of a tricky task to master. On one hand, having established accounts can make re-purchasing easier for your clients by giving them immediate access to their past orders, and pre-filled shipping information. On the other hand, however, some customers see accounts as too much of a commitment, meaning they choose to check out as a guest instead.

The best way to effectively encourage and implement customer accounts without hindering conversions for first-time users is to provide an option to create an account after the initial order has been placed.

Establish a Customer Loyalty Program

The best thing you can do to show your customers that you appreciate their loyalty is to reward it. Developing a loyalty membership option for your store is a great way to increase potential conversions from your existing customers while rewarding them when they make repeat purchases. Creating a good loyalty program can be as simple as rewarding your customers after they have spent a specific amount in your store.

Reach out to Your Customers

There are two great ways of engaging with your current customer base. The first is through regular newsletter-style emails. Your email list is a great tool for building and maintaining relationships with your existing customers, and email has proven itself time and time again to be one of the best choices for converting channels for e-commerce.

The other option is social media. Social media has been established as a great way of building relationships with your customers. People who choose to follow or “like” your brand can end up being your most loyal ambassadors and customers. They will be interested to hear more about the promotions and products taking place within your company, to connect with them, and drive them back to your store whenever possible. Remember, Facebook will only show your posts to about 5% or 10% of your complete fan-base, meaning that you should be posting regularly to reach all of your customers.

Offer Discounts and Credit

Although it is essential to be careful when discounting products, it’s also worth noting that discounts can be an effective way to bring back customers who haven’t purchased from you in some time. You might also decide to experiment with using credits in your store, such as $5 towards any purchase, instead of a 10% discount. Often, credits make customers feel as though they need to spend them, otherwise, they are wasting money.


Your current customers are the best asset your store has because they already know your products, service, and brand. Focusing your energy on this group as opposed to constantly trying to find new customers can be a great way to supercharge the revenue your store creates.


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