Which of These 6 Outdated SEO Strategies Are You Still Falling For?

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Since the SEO/internet marketing industry changes so much, maybe it can be a little tricky to keep up… but that is still no excuse for using any of these old, outdated, and misinformed strategies. If you truly think they will help boost your ranking in search results then you could be in for a very rude wake-up call.

Hidden Text.

Whether it’s blending font color to match the background / hidden behind an image (so it’s “invisible” to visitors) or overstuffed in an alt text/ no script tag… stop it. This is a spammer strategy and it’s going to hurt you—not help you!

Copying what works for your competitors.

Sigh. This is really the worst strategy for anything. Forget the logic that an action must be worth doing because it’s been tested and proven effective by somebody else. When something is cloned, the original is still the best.

Thinking that more links = higher ranking.

This myth has been debunked so many times but it still doesn’t change the fact that internet marketers pursue volume in links. This is one of many, many situations where quality matters and quantity doesn’t.

Article directories

Submitting half-assed articles to a half-assed article directory was never really good use of your time, but it is absolutely a complete waste after Panda. This is nothing more than a useless link building strategy.

The same thing goes for press releases.

There’s nothing wrong with press releases at all… as long as you actually have news. The problem is trying to get your name out there and get links from news channels when there is nothing newsworthy to talk about. You’re missing the point here!

You keep writing about the same thing.

This is the most common… it can be tricky. Your content marketing campaigns and blog management revolve around the same topics. You’ll know it because you’ll be sick of writing about it… but it must be done to keep ranking in the search engines. Right?

Wrong! If you’re sick of writing about something, imagine how your audience must feel about reading the same thing over and over again! Remember that the point is to build an audience who enjoys reading your content.



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