Google Added Features For Responsive Display Ads

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Google Added Features For Responsive Display Ads


Google ads, as you know is an advertising platform designed for this purpose by Google doesn’t receive updates quite often. The recent and upcoming updates are going to improve the ramification and appearance of the ads. Google introduces the following three features for this motive:


An option for Videos called Video Assets

You can add these video assets to your advertisements, people who are advertising over the internet can select five different videos from their YouTube channel for displaying in a responsive ad. A YouTube channel is essential for every business as it is also one of the best ways to appear in the SERP. If you don’t have any, now is the time to make one especially to avail the awesomeness of the video assets feature.


A new tab on the right side of Assets called Combination Reports

This report will let you know how well your assets combination is in descending order, and the first one will be the top performing asset. Also, you will see that there are different segments allotted to combinations based on images, text, and videos. As it is the tab right next to Assets, it will be easy for you to find the accomplishment of your goods.


Most valuable feature (Ad strength scoreboard)

This new feature will let you know how well managed your ad is before going live. The strength meter will let you know if you have organized your ad well or not and Google will also check if the headlines, images, the description you provided are unique or not. The minimum character length for a headline is thirty characters, and thus Google will inform you if it is too long or too short.


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