Google’s 15-Second Non-Skippable Video Ads Available Advertisers

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Recently, Google made an announcement about making available 15-second non-skippable video ads to all its advertisers.

Here’s why it made the headlines: Previously these 15-sec non-skippable ads were only available to selective advertisers, who buy ads through reservation and Google Preferred. If you are a YouTube user, then you might already be familiar with these ads that you can’t skip, and now the search engine giant is bringing over this format from YouTube to Google Ads, and Display and Video 360.


According to 2018 reports, advertisers spend over $27 billion, which was 30% percent up from the previous year. That accounts for 25% of the overall U.S. digital ad spending. That tells us that video ads aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

In an announcement Google stated:

“Today we’re expanding access to advertisers running auction campaigns. Recognizing that advertisers should have access to the full range of creative options regardless of how they buy – whether in advance via reservation or in the Google Ads auction – we’re bringing non-skippable 15-second ads to Google Ads and Display and Video 360, across YouTube and Google video partners. Meanwhile, we continue to have protections in our ad system to cap the number of ads a user sees, to ensure users have a great experience while watching YouTube,” Miller said.

When it comes to skippable TrueView ad formats, YouTube is well known. In the case of such ads, advertisers are only paid when audience watch at least 30 seconds of an ad or if the ad is shorter than 30 seconds and the audience watch the complete ad.  Performance elements are also available for these ads such as call-to-action.

For non-skippable ads, advertisers will have to create separate campaigns. We would suggest all the advertisers check their accounts (Google Ads & Display and Video 360) to see if the latest advertising feature has made available to them yet. Or, for more information, they can try Google’s Help Center.


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