GMB Is Essential For Your Business. Read This To Find Out Why?

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First things first, there is no reason for a customer to choose your competitor particularly if they are 15 kilometers away while you are just 2 kilometers away. As most of the world is moving to the internet, there is no way you can compete with an organization that has been established for a long time without mentioning your business online.




By adding your business to GMB (Google My Business), you don’t only get the perks like being visible in Google’s local pack, Google maps, and Google listing but you also are able to add more to your business's online presence so let’s talk about what and why. Google My Business has a positive impact on your SERP presence and gives various other options like:

1)    The posts

What can be the best way to interact with your customer? Well, posts answer their queries. These posts look like small or mini advertisements that can be seen in the Google search whenever a relevant search query is made.

The best way to utilize them is if you are organizing some event, if you have some online sale, introduced a new product, or have other ongoing promotions. These posts stay live for seven days which means they are automatically removed after the event date so be careful while choosing your time of posts.

2)    The Booking Button or Schedule feature

This is another way of connecting to your customers, and it requires you to stay connected to the cyberspace. The people who are looking for services similar to yours will be able to book an appointment through your business listing. This feature is automatically added to your business listing if you are using the scheduling software from one of the service providers referred by Google. If you aren’t having any software integrated for scheduling motive, then you can check the instructions by Google Resources to get yourself all set.

3)    The new Messaging Feature

It would be great if customers are able to message you directly, right? Google my business feature allows people to do that; also, you can take orders, answer their queries and a lot more. There is another facility along with these features available which doesn’t let you get annoyed by inconvenient messages from customers. There is an app available known as “Google Arlo” where you can get notifications whenever you receive a message. You just need to register on Arlo with the same number you used while setting up your GMB account.

The messaging service is accessible through the GMB account!

4)    The Q&A’s

Whenever you open a listing, you find a sentence that says "know this place? Answer quick questions." This helps the search engine to learn more about your business from people who have already been there and know about its nature well. But it’s essential to log in to your dashboard recurrently because this feature enables anyone to edit the information of your business profile. So by frequently logging in you can undo any changes that were made and keep your business account secure.

In short, getting an account on GMB is vitally beneficial for your business, and you should add this to your list when you are dealing with local search engine optimization strategies where you can comfortably stay connected with your customers’.

Even if you have a new business don’t worry, use the right approach and you are good to go!

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