New Commands Introduced By Google, Before: And After:

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Google is one of the big four tech companies who with the passage of time introduced an enormous number of tools for internet related purposes. Google is testing their new addition to the method of searching. The commands are live but right now they are not officially a part of the search engine. These commands work in a similar way the tools like restricting date range work. These two commands will return information before and after a date. It’s up to you if you want to provide the whole date which includes month and day as well or just the year.





You can search for information related to anything for example if you write the title of a movie after that use the command “before 2019”. All the details before this year will be displayed in SERP which includes everything, videos, news, images, blog posts, etc. If we talk about the old method which people still are unaware of, you had to click on the recent tab located below the search engine and select the custom date range option.

Using these commands makes it much easier to learn or navigate to the news in the past, but there is something you should be aware of. If you are searching using these commands, then make sure to use the correct format, if you just use (before:2019), the information before 01-01-2019 will be displayed, and if you use (after 2018), then the data after 31-12-2019 will be shown. If you want to find information before a specific date then you can use this format (before:2019-03-03), you can use slashes instead of dashes too, it’s your choice. This format will fetch the information before 3rd March 2019.

Another important thing you need to add to your knowledge, according to the company’s spokesperson, the publication date is not always displayed, and that’s because it is difficult for Google to learn when a document was posted. If there are dates available, then you should take them as Google’s estimation rather than believing they are correct. That’s also because not all the website owners add publishing date to their content. A while back it was really hard to go back to a specific time to find the appropriate search result, but these commands make it quite easy.


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