How to Make a Logo - Step by Step Guide

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When our business needs some logo design ideas, hiring a professional becomes our utmost priority. It is because many entrepreneurs think that the make or break decision relies on the person you are acquiring services. It can be true in some or many cases, but appointing a professional designer to make a logo for your business might not be a wise decision.

This point isn’t made to raise fingers about the qualifications or the expertise of designers. But, the reason behind it is that nobody knows your business better than you. Therefore, making your company’s logo yourself could become more beneficial for your business as compared to the results achieved from a logo designed by a professional designer.

Logo Maker as a Perfect Assistant

Don't know how to make a logo? Use an online logo maker to create logos for your business. All you need is creativity and some logo design tips. And the rest is for the logo maker that will become your perfect assistant and helps you make a free logo.

So the plus point you can achieve with a logo making tool is saving huge sums of money that you would have paid to a professional designer. Online logo making services are available to people all over the world. The best thing about making a logo online is that it is free and available on all types of devices including Mac, Linux, Windows, Android and IOS.

Make Your Logo for Free in 3 Easy Steps

No need to install any software or plugin to start. All you need is a good internet connection. As soon as you access the tool, you just need to follow the straightforward steps mentioned below. Let’s delve into them:

Step # 1: Template Selection

SmallSEOTools provides you with a wide range of logo templates. It has 30+ categories that contain hundreds of tempting designs and logo ideas for everyone. It is up to the user to select any logo template without facing any restrictions or hurdles. Some logo makers may not provide free access to all of their templates. However, every logo template of SmallSEOTools is completely free for its users. You can select a template from various categories, including Business logo, Food & Drink, Health & Fitness, Medical, Makeup, 3d Logos, and many others.

Step # 2: Customisation

After template selection, you can start editing it straight away. You can edit whatever you like, as the editing feature will not impose restrictions on it. Click or tap on the “icon” option to start editing the logo. You can change the color of each symbol or shape of your logo. Instead of colors, you can also give a unique overlay effect to each icon. Moreover, the icons can be moved anywhere around the whole template, as per your desire. Plus, you can resize and rotate them too.

Edit Text

After customizing the logo icon, now you can edit the text on it. However, it isn’t mandatory to edit text after editing icons. Also, you can skip a step if you don’t wish to make changes to it. The dummy text placed on the logo template should be changed. First of all, It should be replaced with your company’s name and tagline. If you don’t want any text to appear on your logo you can click on the delete icon on the right-hand side in the layers’ field. Double-tapping any text on the logo lets you edit it. The logo maker allows users to change the font's typeface, size, color, alignment, style, opacity, and shadow.

Insert Background

A background has the power to turn your simple logo into a visually appealing one. With the help of a logo design tool, you can also add background to your logo design without any hassles. It provides multiple background options to all of its users, including:

  • Transparent background
  • Solid color
  • Gradient color
  • Simple backgrounds

You can insert any background by simply clicking on the background option.

Step # 3: Save Logo

As soon as you are done designing your own logo for free, it’s time to save the logo on your device. By tapping the “Save” button logo design will be saved in the default downloads folder of your device.

Summing It Up!

That's how you create a logo for your business. You should make your own creative logo for free within 15 minutes or less without spending a penny.


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