How to Create Stunning Visuals for Facebook Stories

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Ever since the introduction of Facebook stories, they are providing great value to the businesses involved in digital marketing. The major reason behind the popularity of stories on Facebook is their prime location. 

Facebook stories appear right at the top of news feeds, which urges users to click and watch them before they start scrolling through their timelines. Therefore, the chances of missing or skipping stories are relatively lesser than the posts, videos, and other types of content shared on Facebook.

If you aren’t using stories to reach out to the audience, then you must know that your brand is way back as compared to competitors because everyone is using this feature on Facebook. Facebook stories don’t restrict you in any way; share content such as pictures, GIFs, videos, text, and more. If you like someone's story you can easily save it by utilizing Facebook story download tool. This tool enables you to preserve and access the story for later enjoyment or sharing.

So, after knowing why using Facebook stories is important, you might be wondering how to create stunning visuals to post here. Well, you don’t need to bother about this query anymore, as this blog will help you understand it in detail. Read on to learn tips and tricks to create stunning visuals for Facebook stories! 

Know Your Audience’s Preferences

A lot of people directly jump to the creation of content before even knowing whom they are creating it for. Most of the time, lack of research is the major reason behind the failure of a business’s marketing campaign. It might seem very tragic, but if you think from the customer’s point of view, then you’ll be able to understand it properly. 

Suppose that you’re a teenager who wishes to wear makeup that looks natural and minimal. However, you’ve come across a Facebook story of a makeup brand that has displayed visuals that reflect bold and dramatic makeovers. If the targeted market of this brand is teenagers, then it would be a big mistake to share such stories, as the audience won’t be able to connect and prefer ignoring them.

Therefore, you need to conduct a thorough research on your audience’s preferences. Once you have figured out their likings, you’ll be able to create stunning visuals for Facebook stories that capture their attention.

 Provide Value Instead of Advertising

People have become smart enough to understand the difference between the businesses that offer value and the ones that merely advertise their products or services. You must focus on creating visuals that are determined valuable by the targeted audience. To do so, you need to forget that you’re on Facebook to sell something. 

Once you manage to do it, you’ll be able to focus on creating visuals for Facebook stories that provide value to the audience. As a result, the potential customers will become more engaged with your stories which will increase the chances of conversions. The best way to add value to your visuals is by highlighting the real-life benefits of your products and services for the customers. You can also take advantage of your USP (Unique Selling Proposition), which sets you apart from the competition.

Choose Elements That Resonate to Your Brand

Now, after knowing your audience and understanding the importance of providing value in the visuals you create for Facebook stories, let’s move on to the actual process of creating them. Whether you’re creating a picture or video to share on Facebook stories, it’s essential to include elements in them that resonate with your brand. 

Whether you’re educating the audience about the backend procedures or the features of your products or services, you need to use elements that reflect the nature of your business. From color schemes to fonts, icons, shapes, logos, and all other elements, nothing should be misleading or confusing in the visuals you create for Facebook stories. It will allow you to build your brand image and expand the scope of your business to a wider audience on Facebook.

Adopt Meme Culture

Create memes for Facebook stories

Memes have become a crucial part of our society; that’s the reason behind meme marketing becoming a thing over the past few years. In order to create stunning visuals for Facebook stories, you need to adopt meme culture. If you manage to come up with Facebook stories that contain memes, you’ll be able to show off your witty side and increase your chances of connecting with the audience. 

Almost everyone using social media loves memes as long as they aren’t offensive. Stay active and figure out the trendy memes on Facebook. You can use the popularity of memes to your advantage by making memes a regular part of your Facebook stories. Create as many memes as you want for your Facebook stories using a meme generator.

Keep it Short & Sweet

Unlike other forms of content on Facebook, stories come with a limited time span of 24 hours, after which they disappear automatically. Therefore, while creating visuals to share on Facebook stories, you must keep them short and sweet. Content that is easy to consume for the audience will allow you to capture their attention instantly. 

If your stories contain long and drawn-out visuals, they can create boredom for the viewers and might not pique their interest. Hence, your content must come straight to the point to create excitement in the audience. In addition, if you want to create stunning visuals, you need to make sure that they don’t contain an excessive amount of text. Alternatively, you can add short captions that are easily readable for the viewers on any device.

Final Words

Conclusively, Facebook stories are providing a great way to unlock your way to a wider market globally. Creating stunning visuals for Facebook stories has become crucial for businesses in order to stay ahead of competitors. You can make it possible by reviewing and implementing the tips and tricks discussed above.


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