6 Tips for Creating Outstanding Facebook Video Ads

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Social media ads are a great way to grab the attention of the targeted audience. While the ads displayed on social media also come in the form of pictures, video ads are getting more popular lately. As a result, marketers have also started paying attention to video ads on social media. When we talk about social media, the first name that comes to mind is Facebook. The reason behind this phenomenon is pretty obvious. Facebook is the largest social media platform, with over 2 billion monthly active users.

Marketers also see Facebook as the perfect platform for posting video ads, enticing the targeted audience, and increasing brand awareness. Additionally, Facebook video ads are perfect to enhance conversion, traffic, and sales.

The best part is that creating Facebook video ads costs way less than carousels and single-image ads. However, many marketers fail to achieve desired results from Facebook video ads. The reason behind this failure is a lack of awareness regarding tips and tricks that will help your video stand out from the rest of the noise.

Facebook video ads perform only when they are too good to ignore. Otherwise, the audience you are targeting on Facebook has plenty of reasons to ignore your ad and move on. To ensure exceptional performance of your Facebook video ads in a crowded space and their ability to grab the required attention, you have to follow a few tips. 

This blog outlines these tips to help you get desired results from your Facebook video ad campaign. Read on to learn more about these tips.

A Hook is a Must

Like blog posts or any other content, videos also need a hook to grab the attention of the targeted audience. Unfortunately, however, many marketers don't pay attention to this need and eventually end up failing their video ad campaigns on Facebook. 

It is no secret that the average attention span of humans has become less than that of goldfish. Hence, you just have a few seconds to grab the attention of the viewers. Otherwise, your video ad will be ignored. So make sure you go big in the early 3 seconds.

How you grab the attention of prospects depends on the product you are promoting and the industry you are working in. For instance, if your business manufactures and sells electric scooters, you need to show how your products are useful and different from the rest of the competition. However, slowly moving towards your primary objective will lead to ignorance. Hence, a hook is a must for creating Facebook video ads.  

Keep Videos Shorter

As we have already mentioned, Facebook users have a number of reasons to overlook video ads, and they often tend to ignore video ads with longer durations. Therefore, displaying shorter video ads is key if you want to entice the audience while promoting your brand and products.

If you don't want people to tune out quickly from your video ads, you have to keep the video length ideal. However, many marketers are unaware of the ideal length for Facebook video ads.

According to our experiments and recommendations by Facebook, the ideal length for video ads to be displayed on the platform should last 15 seconds or shorter. So whether you are displaying in-stream video ads, standalone video ads, or the ones displayed in the stories section, the maximum duration should be 15 seconds or shorter.

The reason behind the duration of 15 seconds or shorter duration for Facebook video ads is a higher completion rate which allows you to grab the audience's attention and share your entire message.   

Display Consumer Content

The biggest brand ambassadors of a business are its consumers, and it is the truth. People who want to purchase a particular kind of product are more likely to buy it after seeing people like them using it with satisfaction. People who are satisfied with a product often like to show their satisfaction on social media. You just have to encourage your customers to upload videos of your products on Facebook. Then, you can offer them rewards and discounts in return.

Using an efficient Facebook video download tool, you can download their videos with your product from the platform. Then, you can embed these videos in your Facebook ads to make your campaign more compelling and effective.

Doing so will not only help you grab the attention of prospects but also help you brand your business the right way. Hence, displaying consumer content through Facebook video ads will be a perfect tactic to enhance traffic, conversion, and sales. 

Ensure Meaningful Video Ads without Sound

We all know that most people use Facebook through smartphones. Many people keep their smartphones on mute while browsing Facebook. According to research stats, more than 80% of videos on Facebook are viewed without sound. So your video ads are more likely to be viewed without sound. It is your job to ensure that your Facebook video ads are crafted in such a way that they can make sense without sound. 

The effectiveness of your Facebook video ads without sound can be enhanced with the help of text. In addition, closed captions can also fit the requirements in some scenarios. However, it depends on how you want to make sense of your Facebook video ad in the 'sound-off' situation. 

Keeping the sound-off situation in mind while creating Facebook video ads will help you communicate your message, promote your brand, and market your product in all conditions. 

A Compelling Copy and Meaningful Thumbnail Helps You

While in-stream video ads are displayed to the targeted audience easily, it is not easy to make them watch your ads that appear in the news feed. However, you will get results from such Facebook video ads if the targeted audience is enticed substantially to watch them.

So how will you make it possible? The answer is quite simple. A compelling copy and beautiful thumbnail will help you. However, overlooking the importance of these elements will make your news feed video ads ineffective.

According to our observation, a magical copy is one that is easier to read and capable of making its place in the mind. So, while you put a lot of effort into creating Facebook video ads, take some time out to come up with a one-liner copy that is compelling and capable of enticing people to watch your content. In addition, the thumbnail you display should also resonate with the copy of your video ad and appear meaningful to make people watch the video and get your message. 

Brand Your Business the Right Way

Another thing that you need to consider while working on your Facebook video ads is the need to do branding the right way. Marketers forgetting the importance of branding while creating Facebook video ads often face failure in their campaigns. 

Hence, it is absolutely necessary to do the branding. However, the problem with shorter ads is you have very less time to promote your product, do branding, deliver your message, and display the CTA (Call-to-Action).

So what is the ideal time to do branding? The answer is that the first 3 to 4 seconds of your Facebook video ads are perfect for branding. 23% of People will likely remember the brand that displayed a particular video ad if the branding is done in the first 3 seconds. 13% of them will keep the brand in mind if the branding is done in the first 4 seconds or so. 

The percentage keeps on decreasing as you delay the branding in your Facebook video ads. Hence, do the branding in the first 3 to 4 seconds to get great results. 

Final Words

Video ads have become a new tool for digital marketers to promote a brand's message and market its product in significantly shorter durations. Facebook video ads are seen as a highly effective medium for this purpose. As a result, many brands are investing highly in their Facebook video ad campaigns. However, they often fail to achieve success through these campaigns. The reason is simple; they don't keep a few effective tips in mind while strategizing such campaigns. 

In this blog, we have discussed a few of them to help marketers and brands achieve big through their Facebook video ad campaigns. Hopefully, you will have a lot to take away from this blog, which you will use in your next campaign to achieve desired results for the brand. We wish you luck with the process!


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