Facebook Videos: Privacy Settings and Ability to Download

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Facebook Privacy Settings and Ability to Download 1
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In this digital age, social media has become an integral part of our lives. From staying up-to-date about the latest trends and news to sharing the highs and lows of our lives with friends and family, using social media platforms is now inevitable for us. 

Social platforms like Facebook allow us to engage and stay connected with people all around the globe. As per recent stats, Facebook currently has approximately 2.96 billion monthly users, which makes it the most popular social networking site.

The ability to create and share different types of content on Facebook has been a top reason behind the popularity of this platform. Among multiple types of content, Facebook videos and stories are the center of attention. Facebook allows you to share your own videos and watch the ones posted by other creators. 

However, privacy concerns make people reluctant to share their videos, as they think that anyone can easily download and manipulate the content they share on this platform. Due to the rising concerns about downloading Facebook videos, we are here with this blog to help you understand its privacy settings and ability to download.

If you take the right measures on this platform, you won’t come across any difficulty related to your content privacy. So, go through this blog till the end to understand how to keep your Facebook videos private and how to download the videos you desire! 

Posting a Video on Facebook: Privacy Settings

When it comes to sharing a video on Facebook, you can adjust the privacy settings as per your requirements. Facebook provides its users with an audience selector that allows them to easily pick the audience with whom they wish to share a video. The privacy options offered by Facebook include the following:


By choosing public, you’ll allow everyone on Facebook to view and download the video you post. It doesn’t even require the user to have an account on Facebook, as it can be downloaded and watched through its link. Users can utilize the Facebook video downloader to save videos for enjoying them in the future.


This privacy setting allows you to share videos on Facebook with your friends. Anyone who is on your friend's list can watch your videos. If you have tagged a friend in a Facebook video, then it will also be viewable to the friends of the tagged person. You can unselect this option by choosing custom privacy settings.

Only Me:

If you want a Facebook video to be only visible to you, you can select only me from the privacy settings. As a result, your content will stay private and not appear on any friend’s timeline.


The custom privacy settings allow you to share a Facebook video with specific people. It also gives you the option to hide the video from specific individuals. 

By choosing your preferred privacy settings, you can be sure of posting Facebook videos as you like without worrying about any unauthorized person watching them. You must keep in mind that the videos available for everyone, with “Public” privacy settings, can also be downloaded on their devices.

Is it Possible to Download Facebook Videos?

Downloading Facebook videos isn’t possible directly through Facebook, as it doesn’t provide users with such an option. However, you can still download them by getting your hands on a Facebook video download tool. It’s a web-based utility that takes your request to download FB videos without asking you to follow any complicated procedures. Whether you’re using a mobile or PC, this tool can be easily accessed through the default browser of your device.

steps to download Facebook videos

Here are the steps that you need to follow to save Facebook videos with a Facebook video downloader.

  • Copy the URL of the Facebook video you wish to download.
  • Access the online Facebook video downloader and paste the link in the given box.
  • Press the Download Facebook Video button.
  • Preview the Facebook video and click Download to save top-quality results on your device.

You might be wondering whether this tool breaches the privacy of users who post videos on Facebook. Well, it doesn’t invade anyone’s privacy, as it only allows you to save Facebook videos that have Public privacy settings. This tool won’t entertain requests to download private Facebook videos, as it takes the privacy of users very seriously. Therefore, it is not classified as a private Facebook video downloader.

Final Words

Conclusively, Facebook isn’t an unsafe platform where your privacy can get compromised. It’s up to you whether you want to make your videos available to everyone, friends, or only a limited number of people; the choice is all yours!

The videos that are posted publicly can be easily downloaded with the help of an online tool. The usage of this tool isn’t illegal as long as you’re using it for personal reasons, such as saving data, having an unstable internet connection, creating a playlist of your favorite content, etc. It’s recommended not to use this tool to harm anyone’s privacy, as you can face legal consequences due to it.


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