Converting the Modern Consumer

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It’s not the 20th century anymore, so why rely on outdated “tried and tested” conversion strategies? The modern consumer today has more control than ever before, so it’s time to optimize your conversion strategies in a way that keeps up with your ever-evolving customers.

The modern consumer uses many devices, and many channels.

To put it simply, it is your responsibility to provide a seamless experience no matter what channel or device your audience is using. Consider that visitors will interact with your business based on:

  • How much time they have
  • The goals they hope to accomplish
  • Their physical location
  • Their state of mind / Emotions

The modern consumer hates loud advertising

Instead, helpful content is preferred. This means that you can’t go on and on about how wonderful your product is. Those days have passed. Instead, offer non-self-serving information that is truly valuable to your core audience. Modern marketing should be about helping… not hype.

The modern consumer is an individual

Nobody likes to feel bundled into a stereotypical group based on demographic criteria. In fact, the modern consumer appreciates personalized experiences. Leading websites (like Amazon or Facebook) put an emphasis on customizing user experience based on past behavior and other known criteria. If you want to convert the modern consumer, provide an experience that speaks directly to each individual.

The modern consumer has endless choices… you’re only one of the options

Comparison shopping is how people shop today. The biggest mistake you can make is to try cloning your business into an alternate version of any competitor. The best conversion strategy today is to stand out from the crowd and give your audience a good reason to pick you over every other option available.

The modern consumer is not afraid to evolve

Technology is driving innovation faster than most marketers or businesses can adapt it, and consumer habits change so rapidly. It’s not possible or practical to jump on the bandwagon of every single trend that comes around… but it is foolish to become so comfortable in anything that you allow your business to become stale or outdated, failing to keep up with the growing needs of the modern consumer.


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