5 Tips for Building Relationships

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The modern consumer is not interested in listening to your one sided conversation. Here are five simple steps to building the customer relationships it takes to succeed.

One on One Time:

Face time, not Facebook, is how you can be a consulting partner with customers… not just a resource to buy products or services. Putting a face to your brand is the most powerful way to build a personable identity for your brand.

Offer Expertise:

It’s not just about being a trusted authority in your industry. But if you can offer education or advice about anything related to your industry, for free or a value-added service, then customers will flock to you for guidance.

Recognize Your Customers:

Competitions and contests are a popular way to appeal to customers, but offering awards that honor and thank customers for their loyalty… now that’s how you really stand out!

Become a Resource for Networking:

When appropriate, your customers may benefit even more by connecting with like-minded customers who are all interested in learning more about your industry.

Highlight Success Stories:

Keep in touch to learn and understand how your solution has been a solution that has helped other customers achieve their goals. With permission, you can share customer stories as proof of how your products or services can help solve problems.


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