17 Simple Tips to Facebook-Like-A-Boss

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  1. Post during peak time.
  2. But try posting during off-peak time too.
  3. Take advantage of Facebook advertising. Don’t rely exclusively on organic reach.
  4. Don’t—I repeat DO NOT waste your money on fake followers. You’re not really fooling anyone.
  5. Ask questions.
  6. Answer questions.
  7. Share feedback, and give credit where it is due.
  8. Respond to comments.
  9. Respond to posts on your wall.
  10. Be transparent. Nobody likes it when you try to hide anything.
  11. Share related articles (note—not always your own) that would be relevant to your audience.
  12. The “secret” has been out for some time now: photos ignite more activity than a regular old update or link. Post images that make people stop scrolling through their news stream. The more interesting, unique, attention grabbing, and self-explanatory an image is… the more engagement you can expect.
  13. Facebook is not for direct marketing. It is for maintaining relationships with your audience and establishing a personable identity for your brand that others can relate to.
  14. Always be positive.
  15. Go in with a clear goal. Analyze, measure, re-assess, and repeat.
  16. Get creative with updates to motivate readers to comment. Questions are a great way to do this, but you can also leave opportunity to fill in the _____.
  17. Photo caption contests work the same way.

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