image of tausif akram By: Amby
31 May 2014

Write Less. Say More.

Puppies, pancakes, and clouds are much better when they are fluffy. Web content… not so much.

If you are still looking to pay for web content writing by the word (or per 100 words) then you might as well use your money to start a bonfire because you’re wasting it either way. At least you can make s’mores with a bonfire… but paying any amount for a blog article with a minimum quota for word count is just useless.

There are certain situations where it is appropriate to impose a word count range when hiring a freelance writer. The circumstances usually rely on spacing that needs to be filled in a newsletter, magazine, or newspaper. On the web, there are no spacing requirements except that internet readers have a shorter attention span!!!

Throw in the misconception that longer articles rank better in search engines (really, that’s not true) and you have yourself an excuse. It is 2014, get over it.

When you do hire one of those web content writers who charge by the word count, you get fluffy content. More specifically:

  • Repeating the same points over and over and over again, only using different phrases.
  • Filler words. (“Moreover” or “it could be considered…” are some common examples.)
  • Clunky jargon.
  • Using big words to sound smarter. This might not add to the word count, but you should probably say “use” instead of “utilize” if it’s a better fit.

Your page has a point. Make it!

If it takes 750 words to get to the point, then you better have a damn good writer who can keep the attention of an impatient reader. In most cases, you can make the point in 200-400 words and everyone is happier.

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