5 Quick Tips to Keep Traffic Interested in Your Website

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Despite the many benefits of the internet there are some major disadvantages that are affecting society as a whole, including (but not limited to) a neurological change that affects our ability to remember facts or pay attention long enough to fully understand what we read.

Go ahead and re-read that again until you’re caught up.

Catering to a shortened attention span has always been one key element of effective web content, but it should be a complete priority to ensure your website does not distract or overwhelm visitors. Less is more, and the following tips can ensure your web pages are built to keep visitors interested and focused.

    1. 1. Eliminate distracting features, including scrolling or animated sliders.
    1. 2. Make sure the copy on each web page is broken up with subheads and bullets. Use shorter paragraphs, white space, and images to prevent overwhelming or intimidating traffic.
    1. 3. Break down complex information into shorter pages, using menus as the primary source of navigation. When there are too many links in a page, readers may put more attention into evaluating each link (and deciding which ones to click) rather than retaining the information on that page.
    1. 4. Get to the point quickly and maintain a conversational tone.
    1. 5. Embedding a video may be a great way to provide complex or lengthy information, but it should never auto-play!


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