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Are you a reader? What do you find enjoyable? I bet your answer would be an article with interesting information or quality content. For the same reasons, a writer would strive to use words that will make his or her piece of writing thought-provoking and attention-grabbing for the target readership. Their choice of words should be made on facts and figures to make the content convincing and exciting. Nonetheless, respecting word count and keeping it concise is also essential.

Generally, it is considered that the fewer the number of words the better the article. Writers can tell you about the difficulty to put ideas into words. Writing an article, an essay or a book requires a calm and focused approach coupled with a strong sense of purpose. Depending on what you are writing, the number of words may vary. Writers are aware that the word usage or the language should be simple, direct, and concise to create a pace and stir excitement and passion among readers.

Word processing tools and word count

Most writers dream of writing a book. It is no surprise that credibility, fame, status, and fortune, all are associated with authorship but writing is also a great way of learning and teaching. Writing allows you to transform ideas and observations into words, without disregard for important ingredients of quality writing, i.e., spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Writers understand the importance of planning, organizing, selecting words, and writing. Computers have aided in the whole process – it has become easier to write, read, edit, and rewrite.

With the availability of word processing tools and applications such as word counter, it has become easier to count words. In the days when there were no computers and word count checkers, it was a real challenge to count the number of words. Back then it was the dream of every writer to have an easier way to determine count words. Also, at times a quick word count is required, and there is no time to wait for it to be done manually. For instance, if you want to know the word count of a piece of writing that you just wrote, use the word counter offered by SmallSEOTool.

Writing and the choice of words

Writing is like setting out on a journey of discovering, exploring, and learning. You discover new ideas, inspirations, and material and transform them into your own words. The first writing cycle rarely resembles the final product, so raw writing is usually in the form of a draft. More than often, writers have thoughts or feelings and plunge into raw writing without much idea about how words should be shaped. Words are laid down naturally and structured writing molds these words into the form that imparts a meaning.

The most in-depth improvements are made when writing freely; however, very few writers can get the right words in the first attempt. Another approach is direct writing, where the writer doesn’t aim to get the words right but avoids losing track. Other approaches like loop writing or open-ended writing are popular among professional writers. Writers strive for the perfect words that sound as natural as possible and fit like a well-tailored suit. Fiction writer relies on words based on imagination, while non-fiction writers use facts. Whether it’s a blog, essay, or novel you are writing, a good choice of words makes the writing come alive.


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