Reverse Image Search Tool and Its Clever Use.

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Reverse Image Search and Its Clever Use

Reverse image search involves CBIR (content-based image retrieval) system. The deficiency of search terms characterizes this query technique. It can effectively remove the need for the users to guess at terms or keywords that may not return an accurate result.

Reverse image searching permits users to discover relevant content specific to a sample image and derivative works and detect manipulated types. With the help of this feature, you can check similar photos and pictures from the internet. You have to check media around the web to get credit from particular websites.

Uses of Reverse Image Search

Reverse image search can be useful to:

  • Obtain information about a photograph

  • Track down a content creator

  • Discover web pages with images

  • Find versions with higher resolution

  • Locate the image sources

Google Image Search

Google allows you to search by image to get related images by uploading image URL or image. This feature uses a reverse image search. Google does this by analyzing the submitted pictures and constructing mathematical models for the advanced algorithm. The image is compared with billions of images in the database of Google before returning similar results. Google also uses metadata of an image like the description.

Free Image Search Tool by SmallSEOTools

This search engine is specialized in image search via this tool. After submitting one image, this handy tool will create a compact and unique fingerprint or digital signature of the submitted image to match it with other photos.

This process can match heavily edited versions of pictures but may not return the same photos in the search results. Several other platforms are using the image search tools, such as Pixsy, eBay, and Pinterest.

Sometimes, hackers can steal your data through hacking tricks. You can catch people who are using your images. SmallSEOTools respects their users and any images uploaded in this tool are 100 percent secure. There is no need to worry about privacy while searching for photographs.

Benefits of Reverse Image Search

The web is loaded with images so it will be a difficult task to choose the right pictures. Reverse image search allows you to spot fake photos that counterfeit people use on their profiles. This tool involves the use of a search engine to find similar images on other sites.

This service allows you to upload images on a search engine and find similar images on other websites. It is free and simple to use.

Track the Use of Images

If you assume that your press releases, brochures, and copyrighted photographs are reused, you can get the advantage reverse image search. Searching for advertising and publicity images will show the traction of your blog posts and press releases. You can find coverage that has missed in the text searches in alien languages.

Reverse Image Search and Backlinks

The process of image search requires you to enter a search query to find a suitable image as per your query. Reverse image search can flip this procedure. Instead of using phrases or words, you will search with images. Once you have uploaded an image, the search engine (Google, Bing, Yandex) will provide you with essential details, such as:

  • Image size

  • File type

  • Sizes of similar images

  • Pages on which images are available

  • Relevant images

  • Pages with similar photos

With the use of this function, you can get more backlinks. This strategy may help you to find out the person who is using your photos without giving you credit. It may be a challenging task to find the actual source of a picture. The reverse image search allows you to find out if your image appears on other sites. In this way, you can rightfully claim backlinks. offers this tool along with other free tools like Plagiarism Checker, Grammar Checker, word counter and many other tools.


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