White Hat SEO VS. Black Hat SEO

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How much do you know about search engines and are you working correctly to improve your website’s ranking? There are two different types of SEO, one which is used to attract the search engines by unethical techniques and other is to enchant visitors. You need to know the difference before using any SEO techniques for your website because if the method you use falls under the category of the Black Hat, then your site might have to face the penalties of Google.

White Hat SEO is all about attracting the human audience by providing them the right content. Techniques that are used in the White Hat are similar to Black Hat, and the only difference is how you apply those methods. Let’s discuss the Black Hat techniques in detail:


black hat seo vs white hat seo


The Content Of Your Website

Everyone knows quality and unique content dazzles every visitor, but the same material can be used to break the rules of a search engine. So, why quality articles are essential for your website when you can just use a short cut way to rank it? Well, the answer is quite simple, the boost your site gets is temporary and whenever the search engine crawlers find out that your website contains content that isn’t user-friendly and is not following the conditions. Then it might not only have to face a de-rank but will also disappear from the SERP.

The SEO is not just about appearing in the search engines; it is about giving people a reason to visit your website. The following strategies are included in black hat SEO:

a)    Unconnected keywords

These are the keywords that are searched the most on search engines. Adding them to the content of your site which is not even closely related to them just to appear in the SERPs and to increase your pages rank is called keyword stuffing. The more you add those keywords, the more you attract the search engine bots, and when they give your site a visit, there is nothing you can do but wait to get it de-ranked in no time.

b)    Using bots for comments

I know you have come across a section in comments that makes no sense. Bots make such comments, and they contain a keyword to help the ranks of the website. These comments are also picked up by search engines to see what a user has to say about the article. These bots need a keyword to write a sentence on and are generated randomly, which is why it is easy to recognize if a bot commented on a topic.

c)    Fake pages

There are many doorway pages present today that are stuffed with keywords to captivate search engines. When clicked or tapped they redirect us to a different page thus making it completely useless. This technique is used to increase the traffic on the redirected sites and is easy for a search engine to find.

d)     Cloaked text

Such text that is almost invisible but is present in the content. The color of the text is either set to white to match the white background color or resized to zero thus making it completely invisible. They contain links and keywords which are not prepared for the content of the site but are used to appear in the SERP.


What Can You Do For White Hat SEO?

White Hat SEO takes time to respond, but the results are promising. There are more strategies than you can imagine which can be implemented according to the material of the site. The first one is quality content, which is the root of your White Hat SEO and relevancy is a must with no spelling or grammatical mistakes. The following techniques can be used for improving the articles on your site thus making them SEO friendly:

a)    Meta Description

It’s written in the code of the page in the Meta tag. The primary purpose of a Meta description is when people are looking for something on a search engine. They find a lot of websites in the SERP. Those websites come with a report which is almost 160 characters long which describe the content of that page.

b)    Keyword Research

Keyword research is the process of looking for correct search terms in search engines for the content of their site. Adding the proper keywords is essential because without them you won’t be able to optimize your website on search engines.

c)    Relevancy of the content

Relevancy is related to keyword research; it means how much the material of a site is relevant to the search terms that are used in search engines. The relevancy is very important because without finding the right relevant keywords to work on, you can never rank your site.

d)    Internal linking of pages

Internal linking the pages of a website are required if you want to get your site crawled and indexed. Your sitemap does most of your job, but still, there is a chance of missing a page if it’s not connected to other pages of the site

The methods mentioned above will take some time to give you a good response so stay calm. As you now know the only difference is the techniques we use, but the primary goal is to improve the site's performance. It is up to you to decide whether you want to choose the short way to success or the longer and better one. After so many updates Google has changed the way it checks on the material of a site. There is a reason why marketers are opting to go for SEM (social engine marketing), and that is the answer you hear when you ask someone a question, and the reply to that query is (GOOGLE IT!!)

So, use quality content and mingle nicely with Google’s conditions, if you don’t want to face the penalties.


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