The Changing Algorithms of YouTube!

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Since all online marketers are on the mercy of algorithms announced by search engines, yet you can survive with your online presence by living within legal limits. You should, therefore, know how each of these unique algorithms works and how you can attract and maintain your audience as per these algorithms. While most of the engines are reserved with their algorithm secrets, but we see YouTube has extraordinarily apparent in altering the rules. In the following lines, there are the latest algorithm updates you are supposed to follow to boost up your presence and rankings as well on YouTube.




Algorithm Working Criteria Used by YouTube

The algorithm used by YouTube is straightforward and serves the most personalized and relevant videos to its viewers. There could be different sections of the platform including, search, home, trending, subscription and suggested videos. YouTube helps users in finding the desired videos; they love to watch and enjoy and thus it keeps the viewer busy and stick to their site as long as possible. YouTube holds a tracking record of the viewer and figures out what types of videos and channels are appreciated and watched by some specific user. If we speak more precisely, we can say that they pay attention to what video the user is searching and watching eagerly, and also take notice of what videos are being ignored.

Moreover, YouTube collects the information about the watching duration of particular videos, user’s feedback for not interested and likes and dislikes and thus they recommend the user videos of his/her taste. With keeping it all in your mind, let’s now go over how the algorithm decides to recommend the content to the user on their search, suggested videos, home, trending, and subscription.


What Do You Search On YouTube

Do you know what does affect the search ranking of your videos? It’s the content relevancy and keywords. Before ranking your videos, YouTube considers how well your title, description and above all the content match with users’ queries. It would also track down that how many other videos the user has watched from your and other channels covering the same topic presenting your videos.


Home Page & Videos Suggested by YouTube

YouTube cares to offer suggested videos on your page. They never show the same contents to different users according to their taste and searches. YouTube recommends and suggests the user with personalized and most relevant videos. To ensure the feeling of the user, YouTube analyzes the user’s activity history and chooses the most relevant video from hundreds of videos and recommends to the user. Then the algorithm ranks the specific video by tracking how much the video has engaged the user with it and satisfied other similar users.


What is Trending Most?

In YouTube, the trending page is considered as a feed of favorite and new videos being watched in the user’s specific country.

YouTube balances the popularity of the video by considering the view count and viewing rates for each video; they are going to rank up.


Subscribing Strength

You might have seen the “Subscription” label on YouTube page with every video, or channel. Here the user has the opportunity to watch all the video from the channel by subscribing the channel. YouTube algorithm uses a metric to grant ranking, renowned as “View Velocity” that measures the number of subscribers who want to watch every video uploaded by the channel administrator. The higher your video is getting “View Velocity,” the higher your video is going to get the rank. Don’t forget that YouTube does account the number of your active subscribers while they recommend to rank you up.


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