Time To Take Care Of Fake Message Troubles In WhatsApp

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WhatsApp is testing two new distinctive features in its beta version for Android. People can opt for this service by visiting the WhatsApp beta version test page located on the Google Play website. You will need to log in with the Google account you are using on your smartphone and click on the button that says “become a tester” after that; you will need to search for the app in the Google Play Store and download it.

The new update includes a “forwarding info” feature which will let the users know that a particular message they have received is forwarded exactly how many times. The forwarding info feature informs how many persons the message is forwarded to without revealing to who. It will inform you of the number like 2, 3 or 4 times. The forwarding information will appear in the “message infobox.”


fake messages whatsapp


The other feature is “frequently forwarded,” in this feature if any of your messages are forwarded more than four times, its title will change to frequently forwarded in the fifth message instead of just staying forwarded. The primary purpose for adding the ability is to create an auto alert so that WhatsApp can look into the authenticity of the message that is being sent especially if it’s a piece of news. If the content includes false information, it will be removed from WhatsApp to stop the spread of wrong news.

No doubt, WhatsApp needed such an upgrade because of so many fake messages that have been circulating this app. Today whenever you forward a message you get a “forwarded” tag sent along with it. This also lets us know if you or someone else generated the message. We don’t know yet if this feature will be available to the other version of WhatsApp, although when we think about the pressure the company has to go through because of the wildly spreading fake information, the updates will be released soon.

WhatsApp service has continuously improved with surprising new features over the years. Even today, this app is considered the best messaging service over smartphones.


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