A Robot Can Devour Sensitive Documents and Spit Useable Data

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Creating a database and sorting a pile of files and papers is a tedious task. To solve this problem, Ripcord is using advanced automation and artificial intelligence (AI). In this era, digitization can help you to bypass the inefficiency and tedium of manual entry. Google Ventures and Steve Wozniak back the company to bypass this tedious task. A robot makes it easy to deal with unstructured reams of data. With the use of a robot, the data become manageable and discoverable.

Ripcord has constructed a content enrichment and robotic digitization pipeline to create valuable data streams for customers. Every subsystem on this machine is optimizing this system for quality, security, autonomy, and speed. Ripcord Chief, Kevin Hall, said that it would help you to deliver the service at unprecedented scales.

Creating a robot for data entry from a physical media can’t be an easy task. Instead of technological development in a century, automatic document handling is dangerous. Bots or Ripcord are designed to manage everything from small business cards to ledger pages. They can understand the difference between business documents so it may sort printed data. The technology may work on text recognition that became accurate in a short period.

The latest robots of Ripcord are smaller than the predecessors of the early generation and combine computer vision, AI and robotics in a nifty stack of technology. Papers drive in, and robot buzzes into gear and uses over 50 sensors, such as laser measurement, cameras and sheet detectors to digitize and scan media. They finally put information in a cloud to conveniently analyze and sift data.

The company successfully raised $65 million to disrupt almost $25 billion record management industry. A central part of the selling point is security. The robot can handle data (was entered manually into the database) in a better way. For instance, data of a specific population with mental health problems can become a security breach. With the use of a robot, you can protect data from wrong hands.

Ripcord appears well informed to shape up different things in record management. The Iron Mountain, leader of the sector, has a specific market cap of more than $10 billion and dominions on the marketplace. Iron Mountain departed the digital venture in 2011 and sold off its unit of digital business to Autonomy. Iron Mountain offers digitization again, but people still need prep work. Ripcord is amplifying its technology portfolio, and it can be a significant milestone toward data handling.         


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