Which of these Mistakes Does Your Sales Landing Page Make?

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If nothing else, you should know that there is no one size fits all, cookie cutter approach that will multiply the conversion rate of your sales landing page. That is why…

Your first mistake is following a “proven formula”.

Now there is truth behind the science that calculates a more effective way to organize key elements. If somebody reads a page in a “Z” shape and the last thing they see is what they will remember then you can use this information to place priority on the information in the bottom left corner.

There is something to be said for placing key information above the fold. Yes, it makes sense.

Yet when you strictly follow those specific templates… your sales landing page is predictable. It is familiar, right off the bat, and the majority of visitors will immediately get turned off. That’s because…

Nobody likes being sold to.

So stop trying to manipulate your readers already! It’s almost worse than going on a bad date, the only difference is that it’s much easier to get out of. All you have to do is click the left facing arrow in your browser.

Instead, try talking to readers. Maybe even talk with a reader… interaction is always the best approach! But for petes sake please stop talking at readers.

Only one thing is more important than the perfect headline.

Oh yes, that headline is important. That will never change. Those are the words that will not only draw a reader in but will also pre-qualify visitors if you do it right.

Still not as important as trust. Filling your sales landing page with self-flattery, hype, buzz words, action words, or any other cliché red flags (just like a bad date) and you’ve got a high bounce rate/low bounce rate.

Does it really have to be that long?

There was a time when long form sales letters converted. That time has passed. When it comes to the web it takes an incredible story and really entertaining copy to keep a user interested. Simplicity is the best approach to a sales landing page in 2014.

Seriously… don’t beg.

Pop up boxes always change my mind… said no one ever.

Again, it’s just like a bad date. If there’s no chemistry, if a user is not interested in your product or service… just let them go. Don’t embarrass yourself.

To recap, how can I build a better sales landing page?

  • Pay attention to placement, but stop following formulas. Break the rules, stand out.
  • Simplicity.
  • Interaction
  • Build trust
  • Let the visitors decide, don’t try to be manipulative. Respect their decision.


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