Introduction to Online Marketing (2014)

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So you’d like to join the saturated industry of home based entrepreneurs specializing in internet marketing? You realize the simplicity of educating yourself because there is really no prior experience or skills required to start offering web marketing services?

You’re about to get a rude awakening because 2014 is the year when unskilled internet marketers will have to shift directions again. This includes a majority of the “experienced” SEO providers that focused on risky yet aggressive tactics without considering the sustainable big picture.

Yes, many web marketing “specialists” are throwing in their (black, grey, silver, white) hats this year so a newcomer might even have a chance… if (s)he is smart enough to heed this advice.

Don’t follow internet marketing advice published in 2012.

In other words, pay attention to the publication date before following any advice. The most effective web marketing tips and strategies can become outdated in a matter of weeks. Of course it doesn’t hurt to understand what-used-to-work-but-doesn’t-work-anymore-and-why.

SEO is not dead.

You’re going to hear this a lot, and you have to really consider the perspective of the individual making this claim. It usually comes out of frustration because search engine optimization has changed and it will continue to do so.

The important thing to remember is that SEO is an element to include. Whether you are developing a website, writing the copy that goes onto web pages, managing a blog, publishing guest articles, managing a PPC campaign, or simply establishing local search placement. Keyword implementation will always be important but should never be a priority.

In other words, if all you offer is “SEO services” than you’re not going to make it. Instead, offer SEO skills as part of a more important service.

Don’t try to do it all.

Sure it might be convenient if a client can come to you for everything related to online marketing but it won’t be as effective. Instead, specialize in something. Maybe 2 or 3 things. The less you do, the better you will be at what you do.

For everything else, build relationships with related service providers. You won’t be stepping on their toes to affiliate with an industry leader. In fact you might even learn and grow your own business as you go.

Learn about branding.

If you are going to offer any service related to marketing on the web or in print then you must learn about branding. Every action you take as an internet marketer will fall back onto your client and it is your duty to establish, maintain, and protect their name.


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