What You Should Expect From Digital Marketing Trends this Year

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Now that the year 2014 is finally over, and we’re well on our way into 2015, it’s important for you to start considering your marketing efforts from a fresh angle. If you want to make sure that your strategy is up-to-date in terms of current trends, here are a few tips to help you get hold of the year to come.

Mobile Sites will be Standard

Once, mobile-optimized websites were a rarity that users didn’t see much of. It would be a novel experience to come across a website that was not only capable of giving a wonderful monitor-based interaction, but also the same fantastic results on a mobile or tablet screen. To that end, it’s important for digital marketing experts to start focusing on simplicity and sophistication in their efforts. Remember, it doesn’t matter how expensive or extravagant your branding campaign is if you’re not offering the mobile experience. Website owners need to be ready to invest some cash in providing a good mobile website, or they’re simply going to be left in the dust. Even mobile ads will need to consider the experience of the user, from the length, to image scale sizes and fonts used.

Technology will be Giving Users what they Want Before they even know it

These days, content marketers are capable of providing better results to consumers by predicting (to a certain extent) what they want to read or watch through improved engines for a recommendation. The opportunity lies in marketers taking the time to discover how they can spot trends before they’ve fully emerged so that they can start getting a foot in the door before something is too high in demand.

Mobile Payment will become more common

These days, more consumers than ever before are beginning to get rid of plastic cards in favor of paying for goods and services on their mobile. As this trend continues to grow, most people will find that stores start to adapt to these preferences. Because of this, marketers should be prepared to see NFC payments becoming more available in retailers. On a related term, a number of social networks are beginning to explore the concept of social payment, meaning that consumers will be able to make purchases without having to leave the app they’re using.

Brands will rely more On Humor and Humanity

In order to be effective in their online marketing strategy, brands need to combine customer experience with empathy and other emotions. Blog posts are destined to become more humanized and intentional, and the days of corporate speak and complicated jargon flooding online websites are long gone. Humor and humanity will win the most customers.

Understanding the trends before they have fully developed will ensure that your company can remain on the very edge of digital media. However, it’s important to remember that regardless of the trends that might come and go, content is essential. Develop something that’s worth reading first, then find the right way to market it.


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