Using Crowdsourcing for Blog Content and Increasing Website Traffic

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As time passes by, more companies are beginning to appreciate the concept of crowdsourcing. For example, if “Pringles” wanted to find the next new flavor that their customers want to see, they wouldn’t turn to food or flavorings experts, but instead, access their Facebook and Twitter followers and have them vote on the next big thing. That way, not only do customers get a say in what will be available for them to buy, they also have a chance of winning whatever prize the company puts out as an incentive to get involved.

Most companies have the ability to leverage crowdsourcing methods for content creation, and this is a great way for you to start gathering new ideas for your company’s blog that are relevant to what your customers want to see. Blogging is a great way of becoming more trusted and relevant within your industry, ultimately attracting better prospects to your website.

How to Crowdsource Blog ideas:

Here are some of the best ways you can use crowdsourcing to develop blog content ideas.

  1. Read Customer Comments – Every time you publish a piece of content, it’s important to encourage your readers and consumers to comment, and share what they’re thinking. Some of the ways that you can encourage this engagement is through asking questions towards the close of your article or sharing that article with a relevant group. Make sure that you monitor the comments that you receive and respond to them with follow-up questions. You may find that you walk away with a new point of view, or the inspiration to write a new post.
  2. Work with Influential People in the Industry – Working with influential characters from your industry and learning from their expertise is a great way for you to improve your content strategy. Try to get the opinions and ideas of important individuals through publications, business relationships or LinkedIn options.
  3. Asking for Feedback through Polls and Surveys –There are two primary advantages that can be attributed to using survey and polls as tools for feedback from your customers. The first is that you are developing a new way for people to engage with your content, and the second is that you can gather useful data at the same time. Ask customers what they think about your services, products, and the overall experience you offer.
  4. Take advantage of Social Media – As you may already know, social media has emerged as an incredibly effective network for crowdsourcing ideas for content and blogs. This tactic allows you to get your target audience invested through popular networks like Twitter and Facebook. For example, you can start a Facebook contest to gain more insights into your company, or join groups on LinkedIn that relate to your industry

There are many ways that crowdsourcing for your content inspiration can make your job easier and more effective. After all, the better you can meet the needs of a customer, the more likely that customer will be to purchase your services. Furthermore, the more you can engage with your target market and show that you listen to their needs, the more likely they are to develop into loyal customers.

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