What is Reverse Image Search?

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The concept of reverse image search is very cool. I became obsessed with it ever since it was first introduced, and it still fascinates me even after all these years. The ability to look for and find all instances of a particular image across the entire web has not just made a difference in the lives of marketers, researchers, and creators but also for normal people like us.

I use reverse image search on a regular basis. Sometimes it helps me land on a page that I would never have been able to know about otherwise. At other times, it helps me find some truly helpful articles, infographics, and tutorials, such as useful Photoshop demonstrations and lifehacks.

You are most likely familiar with the traditional Google image search method. You can search for anything on Google, and by clicking on the Images tab, you can see all the image results for your search query. This old method of Google image search includes the process of entering a search query and getting the image results for that query. Now, instead of searching with a word or phrase, you can search with an image.

Does it sound weird? How can you search with an image without entering a text query? Surprisingly, it’s quite straightforward.

Now, you have an option to run a quick reverse image search and find out before someone can get away with stealing of your work or identity.

Why Use Reverse Image Search?

Of course, you can use image search for various number of reason. If you spend a significant amount of time on social media or online dating sites or apps, then it is an excellent way to protect yourself by reverse-searching the images. You can make sure that the person you are interacting is whom they say they are. Celebrities and artists can use this amazing technology to find out about people who use their images or work illegally.

This technique of reverse searching images is quite helpful for anyone who has created an image. There is a good possibility that someone out there is using your images but not crediting you. However, most of the time, people are not necessarily trying to steal your work. They may be too carefree or lazy to give due credit. The fact is that finding an original image source can be tricky at times, especially when you do not have much time to dig through the internet. This leads to most people using images without any attribution.

You can use it to get the information you are looking for. There are good chances that you will find what you are looking for. You can use reverse image search to find suspicious characters, any occurrence of plagiarism, lost connections and more.

The objective of any reverse image searching tool or app is to help the creators, students, models, performers, professionals, and others discover their work that is stolen or illegally being used. It is no longer necessary to run a search on a daily basis to make sure that no one is taking your work because reverse image search is there to alert you as soon as your content is found anywhere across the internet. With a single click, you can find all instances of a particular image available on the internet.


Reverse image search is a handy little tool to have at your disposal. You may have any number of reasons for using it, and luckily there are plenty of tools like Google Image search to cater to each need.

Try Reverse Image Search Tool by SmallSEOTools. Let us know in the comments what you think about it and how we can improve it!


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