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Whether you write your web page content and blog articles or hire a web content writer to do the job, you still have to know the basics between great copywriting and keyword stuffing or over-optimization. Note- the latter will backfire. In most cases, crappy content is the fault of the website owner or SEO provider who outsources to the cheap “SEO content providers” who lack actual writing skills.


Quality copywriting has multiple purposes. Yes, you are optimizing for search engines, but your priority is to attract and engage the right readers first.

Cheap SEO content writing focuses heavily on keywords and word count.

Readers vs Traffic

SEO content focuses on getting on the front page of Google search results to attract as much traffic as possible. This strategy is more aggressive and less sustainable.

The purpose of quality web content is to attract the right audience and then ignite a specific action. It could be to buy, to subscribe, to comment, or to share. Or, all of the above.

Quality vs Quantity

Simply put, successful web content focuses on quality and goals. Cheap, over-optimized, and plagiarized web content focuses on quantity instead. Quality is more important than quantity. So check plagiarism to maintain the quality of content and don't over-optimize the web content.

How many links, how many words, keyword density, etc.

If you ask “how often should I publish”, you are already down the wrong path of thinking. Instead, ask “Which topics does my audience care most about?”


You might think that quality and quantity don’t go hand in hand, but a paraphrasing tool free works the other way around. The online paraphraser provides you with a quick and easy way to generate quality text in a matter of seconds. Its AI-powered technology returns top-notch results within no time, which can aid your need to produce quality content in your required quantity.


Web content, including blog articles, goes hand in hand with design. Visual appeal is very important and should cater to the short attention span of an internet user. That’s why lengthy text can appear full and intimidating (resulting in a higher bounce rate) while the use of white space, subheaders, and multimedia can lure readers in.


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