How to Make a Meme? Ultimate Guide to Create Memes

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The digital world has been filled with pictures, videos, and GIFs. It has incredible traction because of the humorous, relatable, and appropriate content. The visual content that these aspects in it are known as memes. It has undoubtedly become an essential part of how netizens interact online.

People who aren’t active on social media may look at the memes as a mystery. Social media is the hub where memes start and go viral. The memes aren’t limited to social media sites, but they are also present in informational guides.

This ultimate guide for memes isn’t just confined to what a meme is but stretches itself beyond by looking at its cultural relevance and the evolutionary process it has gone through. There are several types of memes, and all of them have some sort of relevance and relatability.

What Is a Meme

What Is a Meme


The definition of a meme varies depending on where it is used and the purpose behind its creation. Everyone doesn’t understand memes. The creation purpose and contextual meaning are what it refers to.

The memes are created with an inside language, and no one can understand it unless they know its context. Therefore, for knowing the context of a meme, you would have to find the purpose behind its creation.

The wittiness and humor are used to engage the audience in memes. The memes are contextual, and it is essential to know what meme is. The relatability of the audience paves the way for success. Once a meme is relatable, they will share it with friends and family.

How to make a meme?

The simple steps mentioned below helps you to make a meme in just a few minutes.

Step1: Open meme generator by SmallSEOTools:-

Step2: Select any popular meme template. (Note: You can also upload images from your device, Google Drive or Dropbox.)

Step3: Customize meme according to your need.

Step4: Download in one click!


Etymology of Memes

Selfish gene book cover



The internet has provided an opportunity for content creators to come up with creative wittiness and humor. The best part of memes is that they deliver an unparalleled amount of time.

The word meme was initially coined by Richard Dawkins in the book The Selfish Gene in 1976. The term has initially been under an entirely different context, and it was about the evolution that is taking place in human society.

The word meme isn’t about evolution, but it is now used for communication purposes.

The dancing baby, dubbed Baby Cha-Cha, was about 3D animation that emerged in 1996. It wasn’t popular initially, but it was the start of a phenomenon.

In the decade 2000, meme images got popular. Tumblr, 4Chan, and later Reddit was the one that gave a boost to the memes. It was an effective way to communicate with people with shared interests and experiences.


Why Are Memes Effective?

The memes are considered incredibly simple but can attract the audience emotionally. The memes don’t require any hefty editing or graphics, but simple designs can work. Even a short video or a simple image can qualify as a meme.

Memes can be shared in any community with the same interests in sports, movies, entertainment, or other ordinary things. It gives light-hearted laughter for engaging the relevant audience.

Moreover, the memes can prove to be a great agent for growing followers and getting people to engage with your brand or business on social media. Making memes isn’t tough because DesignStudio allows you to create memes with trendy meme templates.


How to Leverage Memes to Your Advantage?

There are plenty of reasons you need to familiarize yourself with the memes. Then you can catch up with it to benefit your venture. Memes can be a great source when you need to spread awareness, interact, and engage with users and followers. Develop your content marketing strategy around memes.

You can engage with the Millennials and Generation Z through memes. However, there is a need to execute it correctly; otherwise, there are chances that your brand will trend for all the wrong reasons. Therefore, the content you create has to be a consistent part of your marketing strategy.

Over here, you also need to keep in mind that the memes have a brief life span. Therefore, you would have to regularly post the memes on your page to keep the audience engaged. Social media is all about being present every time, no matter the circumstances. It also has an edge; if you mistakenly make a wrong meme, then it will be removed from the internet after a particular time.


Memejacking Is Awesome Marketing Tactic


Memejacking (Re-Market Memes)


The memejacking for marketing purposes is truly helpful. So let’s get to know why it is a great way to promote your brand. 

Already Viral

Any concept cannot be considered a meme without wittiness, fun, and engaging elements. For that reason, memes are known as excellent assets for marketing. However, it is better to leverage an already successful idea instead of creating it from scratch and waiting to go viral.

Great Social Media Asset

You must be aware of the fuss that surrounds the visual content. The visual content is generally made for social media sharing. Therefore, the memes are already made up of visuals, and they can build up great fodder for your social media accounts.

Memes Attract Likes, Links, and Traffic

The memes are fantastic, and for that reason, they are share-worthy. It helps generate traffic, visibility, and goodwill for your social media accounts. The memes work like a magnet and attract comments, shares, and user engagement. Therefore, through memes, you will be able to get traction on your social media account as well.

If a meme is used on a website or a blog, then there are chances that you will be able to reap benefits in terms of traffic.


Memes Are Easy and Quick to Create

Inbound marketers always need to create content daily. The marketing campaigns depend on the content, and it also needs to be fresh and unique. Memes have made marketers’ dreams come true because it is one of the easiest ways to communicate with the audience. The memes are easy to create and only take a little time to come to life.

Generation of Memes


Deadpool memes



The generation of memes has genuinely become manageable, and the DesignStudio has further made it an expeditious process for everyone out there. The meme generator available on this platform lets you create witty memes within seconds. In addition, you would be able to make memes with your favorite characters by adding wittiness and humorous elements to them.


Bottom Line

Memes are one of the modern art forms unfolding in the coming times. They are relevant in all aspects of life, political, social, or entertainment.

There isn’t any doubt that creating memes is an arduous chore. The meme creator needs to possess wittiness and humorous elements. However, the memes can attract a massive chunk of the audience. In this regard, the meme templates offered by Designstudio can help you make the memes within no time. Memes can genuinely help you out in promoting your business and brand.


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