Tweetable Topics: Optimized Advertising on Twitter

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Social media has made the online marketing landscape bigger than ever for local companies and business individuals. All you need to access a brand new customer network is to sign up for a free Twitter account. Creating an account on Twitter is easy enough, but many people struggle when it comes to setting the wheels of their tweeting campaign in motion. What are you supposed to tweet about? When are you supposed to tweet for the best results? There’s no perfect formula when it comes to making twitter marketing work, but there are some tips that you can follow for better engagement.

1. Spellcheck

You don’t have to be the perfect wordsmith online, but it is a good idea to make an effort with your spelling. If you don’t know how to use grammar properly, or have no idea how a certain word should be spelled, then either type an estimation of what you want to say into google, or use a synonymous term. On the other hand, if you’re really uncomfortable with your grasp of the English language, you could even consider using a ghost-writer to create status updates and posts on your behalf. Even if the finished post that you provide isn’t perfect, your customers will appreciate your effort. After all, consumers are more likely to trust businesses who seem to know what they’re talking about.

1. Keep your Audience Updated

Posting about what’s happening locally within your industry is a great opportunity for boosting your business. Remember, updating constantly doesn’t mean tweeting about everything that crosses your mind, but it does mean keeping your followers informed about the things related to your business that they may find interesting. For example, a real estate company may post updates on listings, provide information on price reductions, and announce open-house meetings.

1. Don’t be Overwhelming

Just because you want your audience to be updated, doesn’t mean that you should overwhelm them with constant posts. If you’re one of the millions of users that have utilized Twitter before for something other than the purpose of marketing, you will know that a lot of people find themselves taking advantage of the easy-access structure that comes with posting. It can take seconds for your homepage to get clogged up with consistent tweets from various companies and users that post too quickly and too often. Generally, this leads to the party responsible for losing their followers quite quickly. For a general idea as to how often you should be posting on Twitter, look into your favorite users and consider the frequency of updates you would appreciate from them.


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