Things You Need To Stop Being Compulsive About In SEO

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SEO is all about increasing the number of visitors to your site so that it can be displayed in the top results of the search engine results page. The algorithms keep on updating to not only improve the SEO tactics but also for the best user experience. Here are some of the things that according to SEO professionals are overrated:

1.    Voice Search

There are two things that we need to keep in mind when we are talking about vocally made queries. That is, the difference between a voice assistant and a voice search, some people are using voice assistance and think they are making voice search. Like, asking for what time is it? What’s the weather? Or you are placing a reminder. These are the tasks of a voice assistant but when you search you usually use a phrase like, find dinner spots that are open now, etc.

People believe that in near future it is going to be the ultimate way to interact with the organizations but when experts in SEO talk about it they are alluding to making their websites answer such commonly asked questions. If you aren’t aware, voice search use is decreasing according to the last survey. The reason is we don’t really have a voice strategy building up anywhere, and still new methods to optimize and use voice search is being developed. Although it is good for local businesses like restaurants, hotels, and e-commerce.

2.    Duplication In Landing Pages For Local Businesses

People think it’s a great idea to get some virtual office that doesn’t even exist just to increase the popularity of a website. For example, if you have an office in one city and you think about who is going to check online? So, you add cities where your offices don’t exist but this tactic doesn’t work anymore, so people switched to another way which is stuffing keywords in the landing pages for all the cities that they desire to rank in.

So, it is critical for the pages of your site. And, it won’t be counted as a good user experience because of duplication in the content. To analyze where duplication exists in your text, you can get your hands on an advanced plagiarism checker. This online facility allows you to detect the exact portion of your text containing plagiarism. It displays results in terms of percentages and highlights the plagiarized sentences in your text.

You can actually make these pages even better by focusing on the experience of users. Let’s say, you add surrounding businesses for that area, optimize your images for that page, and get some Google My Business reviews but make sure people enter the name of the city. Focusing just on a few elements can be enough to make these pages better.

These two are the major things people in SEO think are being overrated along with guest posting and local citations. But still, guest posts hold a lot of weight when posted on some sites with good ranks. It is better to avoid guest posting networks because this is where people usually get it wrong as it tends to share the same IP address it makes it easier for search engines to detect spamming of a link.

When talking about adding your business to these business directories, SEO professionals say that you need to show the importance of your business by listing in a few numbers of directories. This is where the quantity doesn’t win over quality, and you can do that by adding your business to the few top citations site

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