AI Image Analysis Tool and Addition of Short Names to GMB Listing

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Most of the tools introduced by Google are somehow connected to algorithms used for ranking. Still, their tools have never indicated that and this mechanism also doesn’t tell us about how exactly Google ranks pictures. Still, the information below can be utilized to reflect the content of your website precisely. This feature is a way to demonstrate Google’s cloud vision application programming interface. The program enables you to upload an image and lets you know how Google’s ML (Machine Learning) algorithms understand it.

The uploaded image is checked or classified in seven ways, faces, objects, labels, web entities, safe search, text, and properties. The faces tab lets you know about the emotions expressed in the photo which are categorized as joy, sorrow, anger, surprise, exposed, blurred, and headwear. The object tab lets you know about the items in the snap like spectacles, gadgets, etc. The labels tab displays information regarding conceptual aspects. The web entities present descriptive words which are related to that and also reflect the material present on the web which is also a part of image analysis.


The properties are the colours applied or natural in the image. The text captures and displays any information given in the picture, and the safe search exhibits how it is going to rank the unsafe content which includes spoof, violent, racy, medical, etc.

The Google search engine takes all the information related to an image to rank it, and the data involves the use of an ALT tag, captions, file name and any other text surrounding the image. As Google requires more than one guideline to interpret the image, there’s no way a scrapper website can change the meaning of the picture.

Do you know Google now lets you make picture-based searches? Yes! Besides giving a text or voice command, you can also submit a picture to Google reverse image search and find related results. It’s a great resource for various applications, such as product hunting, backlinks, quality and size, catching copycats, etc.

The short URL and short name feature is a particular shortened name for the representation of the name of your business. Firms can use these short URLs on business cards, posters, and brochures. This will allow people to take a look at the company and enable you to gain more reviews. Upon opening that link, the users will be taken directly to your business listing, and you can also mention the location along with your organization's name.

If you have a verified business account then you can create a short name for it by going to your Google My Business account, and as this feature hasn’t fully rolled out yet, not all the users have access to this attribute, but it will be available shortly.

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