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Steps You Can Take To Secure Your Online Reputation

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There can be sites and reviews that mention your business in a big negative, and this alone can be a good enough reason to hire an SEO expert. The changes that appeared in September’s Google algorithm update decreased the rank of such sites in SERP. The below article can be considered if you can do it yourself before referring to some expensive search engine management organization.

  • You need to be sure about your quality of service because it’s the first thing that can get you negative reviews. The first rule of selling services and goods is to make customers happy if by any chance you see a customer not happy you can offer a free service or refunds or anything that can make up for the problem.




If you are in the business of SEO, then you might have found your clients unhappy and to maintain your good record online you also might have refunded them. You can gain experience from those arguments with your customers and I know they say customers are always right but sometimes they aren’t and the threat of one negative review can damage your reputation which can also cost you a fortune if your business is well-established.

  • You can ask people for reviews especially to the ones who are happy with your service because if you don’t, then you might end with some negative ones because people always like to spread information about uncooperative behaviors. So, the customers that aren’t happy sometimes hold a grudge, and it is your job to turn things right. For example, some people haven’t planned on spending more money than they can, actually makes them quite upset.

After providing services, a single phone call or seeing and asking your customer about his/her satisfaction can help you learn what you lack. It is better if a person with higher designation do the talking because customers feel comfortable in talking about the staff with people of managerial level.

  • Don’t make false promises because this can only get you negative reviews if your site is about selling stuff online then make sure to give the precise estimation of delivery time. There are sites I have noticed who ship items from other countries but provide an estimate of the time that doesn’t meet the shipment schedule. Also, sometimes the items we see in the pictures have different sizes because not all the countries use the same sizes of outfits and other stuff.

Mentioning your business online on sites that are in the top twenty list of Google can also help you remove some negative remarks, but the ratings cannot be touched. So, you can even pay people for reviews but keeping it verbal is better than written because if someone reports such activity, it can result in a reduction of rank.

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