The Social Posts That Will Captivate Your Audience

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Most of the time, the best advice that you can follow when it comes to developing your social media, is to keep your posts short and sweet. However, you need to go beyond the basics if you want to rise above the jungle of tweets, pins, and posts in your industry, all battling for a place at the top. Most of us could benefit from a little creative inspiration when it comes to making the most out of social media. So how do you branch out from the desperate “look we’re having a sale!” posts, and start really grabbing your audiences’ attention?

1. Show Something Behind the Scenes

It’s no good just talking about what your company does or sells on social media, instead, show it. Take behind-the-scenes photos of your workers producing amazing products or getting jobs done, and share them. Facebook photos often generate more than 50% more likes than a conventional post, so it’s a good idea to keep a camera handy now and again. Whether you’re simply showing yourself hanging out with clients, packing boxes, or visiting a work site, it’s a good idea to show consumers the “human” aspect of your business.

2. Knowledge

When you’re running your own business, you need to come across as an expert in your field. Over time, you should have amassed enough skill and knowledge to get you to the position you’re in today, so share that knowledge with your audience. If you’re making a new development to your project, explain what you’re doing and why. Online retailers could provide a blog post about the little-known needs of Internet-based businesses, or offer insights into their thoughts on popular products.

3. Show Real Moments

Social media provides the perfect opportunity to share real moments. Share a video, quote, or picture that connects to you on an emotional level, rather than focusing on sales all of the time. This way, you’ll start to attract more viewers by showing them that you’re a person with feelings and emotions too. Try to share posts that evoke emotion. If you’re a mechanic, show a picture of yourself working late on a customer’s car and covered in grease. If you’re a photographer, share some pictures of a beautiful wedding.

4. Work as a Team

If you team up with other organizations or businesses for a project, make sure you reference them on social media and tag each other. For example, imagine your business is working with a new designer for the website. Talk about your plans on social media and give the designer a mention. By sharing these posts, you’re not only boosting your exposure but also building your relationships with other brands and organizations.

Social media provides an outlet to reach people who wouldn’t necessarily see your website otherwise. The comments, shares, pins, likes, and retweets that you get on a social basis can help to draw people to your site, which in turn, leads to more clients.


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