The Most Important Lessons Entrepreneurs Can Learn about SEO

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SEO is by far one of the most confusing, complicated, and lucrative fields of IT in existence today and it won’t be going anywhere, anytime soon. Although many small businesses throughout the United States don’t currently have their own website, it’s fair to say that a day will come for all companies, wherein they need to go online or shut their doors completely. When you are online, SEO is what determines your customer reach, popularity, and ultimately the degree of success your business achieves. It’s time to get educated.

Never Use Black-Hat Trickery

Although the concept of “black-hat trickery” may conjure the image of old-fashioned magicians, the term actually refers to ways of falsely or illegally pushing your website up the rankings. Although this may seem quicker and less frustrating than taking the high road, it is only ever a short-term approach. Algorithms are constantly improving, which means that it is only a matter of time before you get caught. Depending on how serious your crime was, your site will then be penalized, or removed from the search engine rankings completely.

People Search in Different Ways

Generally, when someone types a search into their chosen engine, their words are more likely to query something like “SEO solutions, entrepreneurs” than, “Lessons for Entrepreneurs in SEO”. This means that you’ll need to come up with creative and imaginative ways to include different keywords throughout your content that look natural, even though they’re actually very awkward.

Panda is Constantly Evolving

Google introduces hundreds of new algorithm updates every year, and only a small number of these updates will officially be announced. However, most SEO experts are guessing that Panda updates will start to take place on a quarterly basis. Depending on your site, your industry, and the update, you may be required to make major or minor tweaks to your website on a regular basis. Just remember to evolve alongside the changes.

Content is Crucial

This is the most important aspect of any SEO guru’s job. There may be a lot of weight to a good SEO campaign, but nothing quite overrules quality content. Content is the essential part of any website – it draws the viewers in and keeps them coming back for more. How you communicate is critical, and in today’s digital world, the written content is always going to be essential.

Links can have an Expiry Date

Building links is another large part of SEO, but even if you have amazing links one day, they may not have the same caliber the next. Your links will need to be checked frequently and researched.

No matter where you currently sit in the realm of SEO strategy, it’s important that you don’t ignore the crucial lessons all around you. SEO can improve numerous aspects of your business – not just your online presence.


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