The Real Difference Between Quality & Quantity

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For a start-up website that intends to be rich in high quality content, there is a big obstacle to overcome. It can be tricky because you are working with a startup budget yet you have a need for a large quantity of articles.

To spell it out… you can’t buy quality content for cheap… but you can buy a large quantity of articles for a very low rate. Can does not mean that you should, and there are several reasons why.

Buying Articles in Bulk Will Not Help You

On the contrary, large batches of word puke (say 100 articles for only $500) will give you a content rich website full of word puke. Remember that search engines will ultimately blacklist a “spammy” website, and why would you even want to bother with a web publication that doesn’t interest any human readers?

On the other hand, quality content can be expensive. Once you’ve accepted that nothing under $25/article is worth the investment, you have to determine if you should sacrifice quantity for quality instead of sacrificing quality for quantity.

Buying Articles in Bulk Will Not Save You Any Money Either

Again, your investment is wasted on shortcuts because it requires more of an investment just to clean up the damage caused. Not to mention the cost of buying fake interaction & engagement (comments, testimonials, social media fans & followers, etc.)

In the long run, there is no ROI in an endless loop of cheap alternatives. A sustainable and successful website understands that lasting relationships with your best customers are earned, not bought.

A successful web publication (built on articles that are actually valuable) can bring in a lot of money, just through ad revenue, and it is a simple concept that is also very popular and competitive. Simply put, taking shortcuts will continue to bring you back around to the starting point and you’ll never really get ahead of those competitors who did it right.

Buying Articles in Bulk Will Not Give You Any Advantage

Naturally, an online publication needs a clearly defined niche to be successful. The thing is, those niches are defined by the contributing writers. You can say “I want to build a website full of content that focuses on weight loss”.

The writers you hire will define the niche and value of this website.

Cheap, bulk article writers will probably focus on “weight loss” as a keyword, and have nothing of value or substance. For example:

  • How to Lose Weight
  • Weight Loss Tricks
  • What You Need to Know About Weight Loss

On the other hand, you can attempt to hire freelance writers with experience in the health industry. A quality writer focuses on topics, not keywords, and the contributors you select will provide articles of value or substance such as:

  • Healthy Recipes
  • 10 Minute Exercises
  • How Many Pounds Should You Lose Each Week To Achieve Sustainable Weight Loss Results?

If given the choice between 20 of the useless articles for the same cost as only four valuable articles… which do you think would actually give your website a chance at success?


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