The Problem With Article Spinning

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Article spinning is the process of rewriting (or “spinning”) an article word-by-word to produce a second article that is “unique”. Or a 3rd, 4th, 5th, etc.

This strategy is used as a low cost way to generate large quantities of content for a fraction of the cost. There are infinite problems with this strategy, but in this article we will look beyond the moral implications of aggressive vs. sustainable SEO marketing. We will look beyond the fact that article spinning is almost guaranteed to get your website blacklisted from appearing in Google search results. If you’re foolish enough to use this strategy, then you probably don’t care about those things anyways. Right?

There are two ways to spin an article. First, you can use a tool that automatically produces a duplicate (but “original”) article based on synonyms for each word or phrase. This method is completely free, so it’s the cheapest way to turn a single article into as-many-as-you-want.

Alternatively, you can spin an article “manually”, which provides a little bit more of a human touch. It is not free, unless you do it yourself, and will not produce as many original articles in the long run.

Between the two wasteful options, the latter would be the most pointless. Ironic, sure, but “adding a human touch” isn’t going to change anything. Article spinning is a waste, plain and simple. It focuses on quantity, not quality. It ignores the true definition of “unique” or “original” and it won’t do you any favors with search engine ranking either.

The bottom line should be “don’t spin content, period” but instead, let’s just say “don’t waste your money too!” So if you’re going to do it, use an article spinning tool that automatically produces more results, and faster, for whatever intentions you may have,

Just don’t expect the results to be sustainable.


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