Is Your Approach to SEO Hurting Your Website?

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In case you’re tired of hearing “quality before quantity”, here’s another approach to the same cliché saying. When you focus too much on quantity, you neglect quality and it hurts you more than it helps. At the end of this dead end road, you’re either going to spend more on backtracking… and cleaning up misguided mistakes… or you’ll have to throw in the towel altogether.

Quality web content is sustainable. It incorporates branding, reader engagement, strong topics, intriguing titles, hot buttons, and a variety of other important elements.

Batch articles (quantity) is aggressive. It incorporates keyword-focused titles, weak topics, fluff and fillers, and completely ignores the possibility of humans ever reading your blog.

Okay, let’s come out and say it. Cheap SEO is definitely hurting your website. But you already know the risk with shortcuts, like buying backlinks. Or paying for “Facebook likes”. What’s the point?

Well, these strategies exist because they work for businesses that are designed to be disposable. Affiliate marketing websites, for example, aren’t meant for value. One goes down, five more come up.

On the other hand, if you are serious about your business and want something sustainable… any efforts to optimize for search engines should always be natural and organic. If the goal to get on the front page of Google takes priority over the goal to secure brand loyalty, neither goals will be accomplished.


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