The Mistakes that Prevent Marketing Success on Twitter

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Everyone makes mistakes, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make every effort toward yourself against them. Some mistakes, especially when they concern our business marketing efforts, can be egregious and downright embarrassing. Behaving incorrectly on social media is the perfect way to get your company name trending – for all of the wrong reasons. Social media marketing is constantly evolving, and the concept behind it is that listening to your customer, engaging with them, and being able to actively respond to the services they’re asking for, will make your company more successful. Marketing on social media isn’t about tracking your audience down in the comfort of their own home and pushing your products onto them – it’s about forming a connection. Of course, social media marketing is rarely as easy as it may seem. Promoting yourself properly will take a lot of research, and some serious attention to detail along the way. So in your race towards success, how do you avoid all of the hurdles and bumps that are waiting to trip you along the way? The first step is learning some of the most common mistakes to avoid.

Mistake #1 – Incorrectly formatting tweets

There are various techniques that can help you to format a tweet specifically for the purpose of gaining more followers. However, one of the most disastrous things that you can do for your social media traffic, is neglect to mention someone else correctly. If you begin your tweet ‘@mention’ without including a character at the beginning of your tweet, then the only people who will see your tweet are you mention, and yourself, as well as people who might follow both parties. If you want all of your followers to see a ‘@mention’ tweet, then you will need to begin your post with another word or character.

Mistake #2 – Talking too much

Even though Twitter provides you with a limit of 140 characters, this doesn’t mean that you have to use every single one. Studies into the realm of social media marketing have discovered that tweets within 100 characters or less usually get far more engagement. Furthermore, if your tweet takes up the full 140 characters, then your followers will have no space for a retweet or an @mention should they want to share you with their newsfeed. The truth is, some of the most iconic tweets in the history of Twitter have been less than six words long.

Mistake #3 – Tweeting everything at once

The chances are that you have a lot of moving cogs within your marketing strategy. Subsequently, you may prefer to get all of your tweetings out of the way within the first fifteen minutes of your day, while you’re finishing off a slice of toast or sipping your coffee. This might seem ideal, but if you simply release your tweets into the online sphere in one congealed chunk, then you’re only going to get a very limited amount of exposure. There are tools that you can download that could help you to schedule your tweets throughout the day if you don’t have enough time to keep going back to your social media strategy. Just remember that your audience is diverse, and they’re not all going to be checking Twitter at the same time.

Mistake #4 – Using Hashtags incorrectly

Hashtags are extremely popular for a reason. They’re a great way for companies to sneak their way into trending topics and relevant conversations online. Using hashtags strategically allows you to target your audience and reach new potential followers in large numbers, helping you to expand your reach. This doesn’t mean, however, that you should be using hashtags like #buythisproduct, or flooding every post with five or six hashtags. Keep it relevant, non-promotional, and stick to three hashtags a post at the most.


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